Fruit & Vegetables to your door: a review & give-away

Imagine having fresh fruit and vegetables delivered to your home once a week. With BB Distributors this can be a reality.

Subscribe to have curated boxes of fruit and vegetables hand delivered each week. You can also add selected grocery items to your delivery on a weekly basis.

Family Business

BB Distributors is a small, family run business. Brett and Ratti started BB Distributors in September 2015. BB is named after their eldest daughter Brooke Bussiahn, for whom they started the company, in case she struggled to find other work in 2032, the year after she finishes matric.

bb distributors vegetables

They deliver wonderfully fresh produce and take great pride in what they do. the team goes over and above to help their members to make their lives easier and healthier.

The business hopes to soon be able to branch out and offer a selection of BB Products (Homemade Tahini, Hummus, Brown Seed Bread, Almond Milk, Kombucha). They also hope to soon offer a re-fill option for a few standard household goods such as sugar, flour, rice, oats, beans and legumes. So keep an eye out for news on social media.

A few of their main aims with this business are:

  • Making life easier for their members
  • Promoting and supporting other small businesses
  • Promoting and supporting as many charities as possible
  • Using as little packaging as possible
  • Most importantly, making a difference!!

What they offer:

Brett and Ratti would like to make life easier, less complicated, healthier and more affordable for their own family. In the same way, with their service, they aim to make life easier for other families. The service works with monthly subscriptions, that roll over each month.


1. The Fruit & Vegetable boxes cost R125 per week (so R500 per month or R625 – depending on how many weeks in each month).

2. This full amount is payable at the beginning of each month, before the 2nd of the month.

3. Each week’s box will consist of an assortment of fresh, seasonal Fruit and Veg.

4. Any extra items you’d like to order during the week, will only be invoiced at the end of the month.

What fruit and vegetables to expect each month:

Below is a rough guide for each week’s box, so you know what to expect. I tried out the service over the last month and was SO pleased with the selection.

Week 1: Onions, potatoes, carrots + 4 Fruit + 1 other Vegetable

BB distributors

I was thrilled to get most of the basics that I buy almost weekly. The grapefruit and ginger rarely appear in my shopping basket, but gave me the opportunity to mix things up. As a family we have been dealing with “change of season” sniffles. Grapefruit are packed with vitamin C, which has antioxidant properties. (It’s also great for weight-loss, balancing sugar, and a host of other ailments.) Ginger is great for nausea and general tummy upsets (even period cramps). I actually use my garlic crusher to really get the most flavour out of fresh ginger. Then use the fresh ginger in tea or stirfry.

Week 2: 1 Berry + Bananas + 2 other Fruit + 4 Vegetables

BB distributors vegetables

I can’t even explain how quickly we go through mushrooms and bananas in our house. I was obviously thrilled to get a well-timed top-up. The avo was HUGE, which is perfect in a house of avo lovers. The “unusual” item this week was the little cabbages. Along with the fresh ginger from week 1, I lifted my stir-fry game with those cabbages. Raw cabbage is also perfect with chilli con carne on a wrap or with rice. (I’m drooling at the thought).

Week 3: 3-4 Salad ingredients + Sweet potatoes + 2 Fruit + 1 Vegetable

BB distributors

The salad ingredient inspired my dinner immediately. The family kept stealing the gorgeous little tomatoes before I’d even had a chance to start cooking. My kid complains about “green vegetables” but I’m a fan. I could live on baby marrows and broccoli. Sweet potatoes are considered as low-glycaemic foods that do not cause an instant spike in blood sugar levels. I personally struggle with my blood sugar, so this is great.

Week 4: 1 Berry + Bananas + 2 other Fruit + 4 Vegetables

BB distributors vegetables

You might have noticed that I really love fruit and vegetables. I loved the addition of blue-berries and chillies in this box. Spring onions are something that I enjoy but rarely buy, so I had a lot of fun adding spring onions where I could. I used the whole bag of swiss chard  in home-made creamed spinach. I really love the weekly addition of “kid-friendly” fruit – bananas, naarjies and apples.

Week 5: Mystery box

I haven’t had the pleasure of a 5th box (only available in months with 5 weeks). If the previous boxes are anything to go by, I’m excited to see what I’d get!


BB currently operates in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town and Helderberg.

Delivery days and times:

Tuesdays – Tokai, Plumstead, Meadow Ridge, Constantia, Kirstenhof, Lakeside, Steenberg, Bergvliet, Wynberg and Diep River (between 10h00-16h00)

Wednesdays – Rondebosch, Claremont, Newlands, Bishops Court and Kenilworth (between 10h00-16h00)

Thursdays – Observatory, Mowbray, Rosebank, Pinelands, Salt River & Woodstock (between 10h00-16h00)

Extra goodies:

If you’d like to order an extra items that they offer, you can order via WhatsApp or Email. Please make sure to order them by 20h00 pm on a Friday evening in order for them to be delivered to you the following week along with your F&V box.

They forward the extras lists weekly via WhatsApp which includes items such as: Meat, Frozen Berries, Free-Range Meat, Free-Range Eggs, Milk, Bread, Cheese, Nuts, Dried Fruit, Seeds and much more)

Want to try it out for free?

We’ve partnered with BB Distributors to give away 5 boxes of fruit & veg. That’s one box each for 5 readers.

Enter on any of our social media: FacebookInstagram and Twitter. Comment with your favourite fruit/vegetable and #bbdistributors #tums2totsonline

The competition will close at noon on Friday 15 November 2019. The winner will be announced on Friday 15 November 2019 at 2pm on the Tums 2 Tots Online Social pages. You will need to respond asap so please keep a close eye out! In conclusion, this competition is only open to families in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town (as per delivery areas above). 

Please read the Terms & Conditions carefully as entry indicates that you have done so.

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