Getting the most out of the new learning environment

While children are slowly trickling back into classrooms, many remain at home as schools prepare for their arrival. So, it’s quite literally back to the drawing board for parents who are still trying to figure their way around home-schooling their tots.

A stressful time for moms and dads, sure – but the uncertainty is also bound to affect your kids who have had to adapt to a whole new way of learning.

Fortunately, it’s not all doom and gloom with tips and tricks available to make things a little easier for both parents and young ones.

1. Setting the scenelearning

Where you choose to set up your home classroom can affect a child’s productivity. Just as adults have been advised not to work from our beds, for example, kids need a stimulating area where they can focus solely on learning. So, pick a spot/room that’s free from any distractions (read: TVs and food) and foot traffic. Organise the area neatly. Removing clutter makes for a healthier, happy working environment.

By creating a space dedicated to schooling, your child will be able to separate work from play. Some ideas for creating a more learning-friendly space can include investing in the appropriate technology to ensure your child is able to absorb all the information they are being presented with. LG’s UltraWide monitors offer a new level of colour performance, which is sure to grab the attention of whoever is watching.

2. Armed with the best tech

A stable internet connection is your first port of call to ensuring your child can get their work done effectively. Equally as important, is the device they’re working on. Attending an online class while completing different worksheets is a level of multitasking, not even we have perfected.

Fortunately, LG’s UltraWide monitors have all of us covered. Two Thunderbolt input/output ports allow you to connect to compatible devices. So, your child can watch his teacher on one screen and complete their work on another, and at lightning speed, thanks to the monitor’s 20-gigabits-per-second throughput. The ergonomic design of the LG UltraWide monitors also assist in ensuring that the screen is positioned in a way that allows your child to sit comfortably while attending digital classes.

3. Take a breather


It’s tempting to get all the schoolwork out of the way so parents can get back to their jobs, and kids, back to playing. But, to avoid completely disrupting their usual routine. It’s important to treat the day as teachers would at school. Ideally allow your kids time away from work to have a snack, wander outside or, to simply take a breather. These short breaks can help them focus better, increase their productivity and does wonders for stress management.

Finding fun ways to incorporate learning can also assist in taking the pressure off learning. Educational games are readily available and inspire productivity. These options are full of colour and are best viewed in all their high definition glory – with state-of-the-art sound to accompany it. LG’s UltraWide monitors offer the best image quality customised to meet the game’s requirements.

4. A necessary pat on the back

We’ve got to give it to our little tykes for navigating their way through a global pandemic. Recognising this, and their efforts towards learning is super important if we’re to continue motivating them during such uncertain times. Praising your kids for work well done is also hugely beneficial for productivity. They will begin to better themselves knowing there’s a reward at the end. Rewards also don’t have to be verbal – perhaps it’s an extra few minutes watching their favourite show or a sweet treat after dinner. Either way, they deserve it!

While following these tips is sure to be beneficial, the most important thing to remember is that everyone is trying their best. Whether it’s doing the right thing, finding some balance, or changing your approach. Be patient with yourself, and your kids. We’re all in this together!

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