GLAD – National Braai Day

The 24th of September is Heritage Day – more recently known as Braai Day. It’s a fabulous reason to join around a fire with loved ones, celebrating one of SA’s greatest traditions: a good old fashioned braai.

GLAD wants to be there with you this Braai Day, to help you celebrate with all the ease in the world. When shopping for food, include these essentials on your shopping list:

GLAD Press’n Seal – this wrap stands out amongst other types of wraps as it doesn’t just cling – it seals. This gives you the flexibility to create a custom fit to seal in freshness to a variety of surfaces such as glass, paper, plastic and wood. It helps keep food fresh longer, prevents spills and is microwave-safe.

Ideal for covering dishes for the braai (salads, vegetables, bakes, etc), making sure nothing gets in or out the dish. Especially when travelling to and from a braai as you know your food will be safe from spilling
GLAD Zip Seal Resealable Range – these are ideal for locking in freshness. When the blue and yellow strip becomes green, you know it is sealed tight.

Keep them close for braai leftovers
Use them to transport salad dressings, sauces or even smaller vegetables and snacks
GLAD Foil – there are many delicious braai recipes that need a good foil

Wrap potatoes or mielies in GLAD foil and pop them straight onto the braai
Cover and seal the garlic bread to cook on the braai too
GLAD Refuse Bags – the GLAD Forceflex range with Stretchable Strength technology stretches around objects and awkward edges, preventing rips, punctures and tears, making them ideal for all types of garbage. Confidently fill your rubbish bin to the brim, because GLAD ForceFlex is TEAR RESISTANT. They also feature handy drawstrings for extra hygiene and ease of handling, making them the most reliable way to dispose of trash.

These will be the perfect companion for that messy braai cleanup
Glad Ice Cube Bags – A Must for every braai. They include a self-seal innovation which is activated when the bag is turned upside down ensuring the liquids don’t spill. The bags boast individually perforated Ice Cube blocks – making them easy to use, as and when needed. They don’t leak and are airtight.

Use them for conventional ice cubes by filling with water and freezing
Add a zesty lemon taste to your water or drink, whenever you want, by preparing freshly squeezed lemon juice and pouring into GLAD Ice Cube Bags for fabulous lemon ice cubes
Get creative with fruity flavours and add your fruit juice ice cubes to summer drinks and cocktails for guests. This can look really pretty and taste delicious
When at a braai, GLAD Ice Cube Bags double up as cooler blocks in your cooler box

GLAD – Making Life a Little Easier.

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