Great News For Fans Of Big Hero 6

Great news for fans of hit animated series Big Hero 6 – season two launches in September,
with premiere episodes on weekdays from
Monday 23rd September to 4th October at 17:25 on Disney XD.


Big Hero 6

Having defeated Obake, Big Hero 6 have arrived as real superheroes. But when San Fransokyo becomes overrun by monsters, the future of Big Hero 6 and the city hang in the balance. In the season two launch episode Internabout (Monday 23rd September at 17:25) Hiro’s jealousy of Karmi’s internship at Sycorax leads him to intern at Kreitech. Meanwhile, the rest of Big Hero 6 tries to deal with old foes, Noodle Burger Boy and Trina.

But wait… there’s more!

As an added bonus for fans, September sees the launch of the second season of shorts – now called Big Chibi 6 (chibi meaning small or short in Japanese). These air on weekdays from Monday 9th to Tuesday 24th September at 13:10.

In these shorts Big Hero 6 has gone Chibi Style! These cute, wildly exaggerated stories follow our characters tackling everyday challenges with super hero flair. The first episode tackles a very important topic. In Making Popcorn (Monday 9th September at 16:25) Fred and Go Go can’t start movie night because Fred is out of popcorn. Go Go helps Fred plant corn and pop it in his yard, helped by their super-powered friends!

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