GridWatch: the app you can’t live without!

We have a power problem…wake up and smell the coffee! Oh sorry we can’t offer coffee due to load shedding.

Are you battling with inaccurate schedules while trying to organise your life and household?  Thanks to GridWatch your problems are over…well that is unfortunately just your schedule problems; the power problem persists.  GridWatch is an app brought to you by News 24 allowing you track load shedding activity across South Africa and stay up to date.

There is nothing worse than being caught unprepared such as being late for an important meeting because you battled to get your car out the garage or arriving highly agitated due to traffic chaos.  And then there are the home challenges such as a load of nappies stuck in the washing machine or no boiled water for bottles.

This nifty app is as good as a crystal ball and has never let us down. It is available on most devices and the best part about this app is that it is absolutely free and available via Play Store.

It allows users to search their suburb or to search for zones within the various municipalities.  It will inform you if there is load shedding scheduled for the day and when it started.  You can set up your location or multiple locations such as home and work.  A notification is then sent to you 30 minutes prior to the start of load shedding in that location. It is a simple to use

Unfortunately it does not solve the problem but being prepared certainly does makes one feel that one still has a small amount of control.

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