Hair Care and Tips for Pregnant and New Moms

During pregnancy is when your hair is usually at its best. Women lose up to 100 hairs a day but during pregnancy their estrogen levels are higher and so they lose a lot less hair on a daily basis, resulting in more beautiful looking hair.

So mum-to-be this is the time to enjoy your wonderfully thick locks!

Some tips for maintaining your hair during pregnancy:

  • If you highlight your hair, now would be the time to ask your stylist to start adding some low-lights into your hair or less foils spaced further apart. This will help you hide the re-growth because once your little bundle of joy arrives your time will be very limited and salon visits are stretched very far apart.
  • Be careful when you get the urge to chop your hair off during pregnancy. That ponytail is going to come in very handy in a few months’ time. If you still want to cut your hair, consider your face shape and possible weight gain during pregnancy, you don’t want to cry every time you pass a mirror – the hormones will do that for you.

A question I always get from mums to be is “Can I colour my hair during pregnancy?”

As a rule I usually don’t colour my client’s hair during the first trimester. However, if you are desperate to colour your hair from the onset then ask your stylist to use a foil technique where the product does not come into contact with the skin.


Congratulations you are a new mom and suddenly you start losing sleep and those beautiful, thick locks of hair.

Don’t panic! This is pretty normal. Remember that elevated estrogen? Well, now it is lowering to normal levels and those hairs you didn’t lose during pregnancy are now falling out along with the daily dose of 100 hairs that you should be losing. This could last between 6-12 months after your baby is born. It will stabilise and go back to normal.

As a new mom you have little or no time, here are a few tips for maintaining your hair.

  • Purchase some dry shampoo. When you don’t have time to wash and dry your hair, a little spray in the roots and brush through could buy you one more day before you have to wash it.
  • A ponytail will be your best friend. Wrap a strand of hair around the hairband and secure it with a grip. You now have a great ‘go to look’. To change it up, make a side parting and pull your hair into a low ponytail – then twist it into a bun.
  • Get a trim at least every eight weeks. Invest in a baby sitter or family member willing to spare an hour or two and go to the salon. Sit down, read the magazines and allow someone else to pamper you for a change. The adult stimulation will do you good.
  • If you were thinking of trying short hairstyle now is a good time, it will help mask the hair loss and requires little maintenance.

Investing in a good quality hair iron and hair dryer goes a long way in maintaining the quality of your hair. The Philips ProCare hairdryer protects the hair from overheating with the advanced

EH technology. The specially designed air outlet spreads the heat more gently onto the hair and avoids damaging temperatures on the hair and scalp. Partnered with this is the Philips ProCare straightener which protects hair from overheating due to its newly developed Dual-Care plates, with constant temperature and EHD Technology.

Philips has been offering hair expertise for over 50 years. Remember, more style and less damage goes a long way to maintaining healthy hair.

Tip: Remember a dab of concealer and touch of lip gloss could brighten your day.

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