Childhood Days at Monaghan Farm

There are plenty of benefits to raising children in a farm environment: fresh air, a respect for nature, safety and a sense of community, but most importantly, a child who lives on a farm receives the precious gift of space. Nowhere is this truer than at the 1260acre Monaghan Farm in Lanseria, where the advantages of a farm lifestyle are complemented by easy access to urban facilities, making it the best of both worlds.

Monaghan provides a rich backdrop to childhood, as it offers a wealth of adventure, which is safe by city standards. The children of Monaghan play outdoors more, build tree houses in the indigenous trees, fish from the communal river frontage or ride horses through the outback trails. As only 3% of the land will ever be developed, the rolling acres will forever remain open countryside for the children to enjoy. Although Monaghan is a farm, it is also a pristine and efficiently managed estate with state-of-the-art security and a 40-km/h speed limit. Parents can trust that their children are safe within the estate parameters, while the youngsters are afforded that feeling of freedom and independence that farm life brings.

Monaghan children have the choice of three fantastic schools in the area, which suit the needs of individual families. Monaghan Montessori is an independent school for children aged eighteen months to nine years of age. The school offers quality facilities, instruction and most importantly, honours and maintains the high standards of Montessori education and its philosophy, all within the beautiful and secure surrounds of Monaghan Farm. The well-known Curro franchise currently has a school under construction at Monaghan, which will become Curro Castle Monaghan: Nursery School, scheduled to open in January 2015 (enrolments are already open). Curro’s nursery schools aim to inspire young minds to become extraordinary, through the unique Curro nursery school curriculum for boys and girls, from three months to five years of age.

Then there is Heron Bridge College, a private school located just a few kilometres away. This top Gauteng school, a proud member of ISASA (Independent Schools Association of Southern Africa) is founded upon solid Christian principles and aims to provide an education of the highest quality, developing each child academically, socially, emotionally and spiritually.

Respect for the environment pervades all aspects of life at Monaghan. Rainwater harvesting, energy efficiency, recycling and positive relationships with surrounding communities all contribute to a responsible and informed way of living. These practices are part of Monaghan life and along with the ten acres of organic gardens that grow cut flowers, vegetables, fruit and herbs to be delivered locally to residents, the children are taught the importance of preservation and a sustainable way of living.

Watching a foal being born is far more exciting than Play Station, and Monaghan children are encouraged to learn to nurture and care for animals and enjoy the close proximity of nature. Many families keep horses at the Monaghan stables and the animals enjoy the extensive paddocks, show jumping facilities and walking routes.

It is a working organic farm, built around principles of sustainability, which promises a better lifestyle – one cushioned by space and nature. The entire farm belongs to the residents: the farming areas, the gardens, the trails, the tree houses and the outdoor decks along the river. This community ownership extends to the facilities of the Montessori School, the gym, the stables, the Deli, the restaurant and the business centre.

Go to to find out more about the luxurious yet affordable homes and land on offer at Monaghan Farm, where your children could experience modern farm living and halcyon childhood days.

Monaghan Farm recently announced a new phase of development which sees Monaghan starter homes now available from R2, 9 million, river frontage stands from R3 million and large stand homes from R3, 9 million.

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