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Welcome back to (H)Appy Parenting with Zoe!  It has been a long time between columns (Ed Note: completely 100% my fault!). This month I am sharing about a great password management app called Last Pass.

I use so many different websites and services in my day to day life. From social media to work stuff to banking, it seems that I’m logging into something a few times every day. And too often, we get slack with our internet security. You know the story – your partner messages you asking for the login details for your medical aid and your response is “the usual one with the capital letters” because that’s pretty much the only variety you use.

I tended to have one stupidly weak password that I used for stuff that didn’t really matter too much, and then one higher security password that I used almost everywhere else. I know that isn’t the safest bet, that anyone who hacks one of those sites could then have access to my accounts everywhere else, but the idea of remembering strong, complicated passwords for multiple sites isn’t just daunting but nigh impossible. Thankfully, there’s an app for that – Last Pass!

Last Pass
Last Pass screens

Last Pass is totally free to use, and can be integrated into your desktop and mobile device.

How does it work?

Go on over to the site and create an account – this is the last password you will ever need to remember, so make it a good one. Then, you can install the browser extension on your browser of choice. The button will be added to your toolbar, as well as any login fields. You can add your existing passwords to your vault, which can be helpful, but I’m even more impressed with the ability to generate a password. I’ve changed most of my passwords by now, and all of them are so super secure without me ever having to remember them.

On my phone, I activate fingerprint support. This means that I don’t even have to remember my master password to get into my LastPass vault – I just use my fingerprint to login. So, even if I’m away from my computer, which is my primary browsing device, I can still grab the passwords for all my favorite website.

Last Pass Premium

Because I share so many accounts with the hubster, he decided to go premium. It costs us $1 per month, but it means that he can share his passwords with me. So for all those accounts we share – medical aid, banking details and even some random or silly sites we both like to login to – he can share his password with me and it gets added to my vault.

As a parent, I often feel like I have too many balls in the air, too many things to remember. With LastPass, at least I can stop worrying about my internet security and I never get confused messages from my other half asking for passwords while I’m trying to remember all the other things taking up space in my head.

– Free app
– Easy to use
– Useful daily

– Need premium if you want to share passwords

Where can I find it?
Get it on itunes
Get it for Android
Find it for Microsoft

Leave me a comment if you have any questions on this app and I will see what I can do!

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Zoe Hawkins

Zoe is a first time mom to a gorgeous baby girl named Harley Wednesday. An avid video gamer, book worm and movie nut, she blogs at BornGeek about pregnancy, parenthood and life, with a unique geeky perspective that is all her own. Content editor & PR manager at LazyGamer, she has now added Tums 2 Tots Online columnist to her busy lifestyle, where she will be sharing reviews on various apps that make life as a parent-to-be and parents a little easier in her column (H)Appy Parenting.

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