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Last month on (H)Appy Parenting with Zoe we had a long hard look at budgeting app 22seven. Babies are expensive and only seem to cost more as they grow up. Budgets are important and helpful, but so is being a savvy shopper. I’ve got all the discount cards, all the rewards options that I can, but it’s still always nice to find extra ways to get more cash back. I love watching coupon shows in the States, but it often feels like there’s nothing like that here in South Africa. Well, now there’s an app for that – SNAPnSAVE!


SNAPnSAVE is a free app that gives you cash back for your shopping. Yes, it really is that simple.

How does it work?

First, you’ll need to download the SNAPnSAVE app. Once you do, you create an account. As a loyal Tums2Tots reader, you’ll actually get free money! That’s right, simply use the promo code Tums2Tots and you will get R10 simply for signing up.

Now, the fun part. Head over to the “offers” tab, and check out all the goods you could get money back for buying. I was worried it would be a lot of things I wouldn’t really want or need. But in actual fact it’s mainly stuff I’d be buying anyway – fresh veggies, milk, cleaning products, cheese, booze, coffee – the list goes on and on. To add the items to your booked list, you simply tap “Book Offer”. SNAPnSAVE Offers last for 48 hours, so you have two days to get to the shops and buy the things you booked.

The best part for me? You can buy those items anywhere! If you prefer to shop at PicknPay, Woolies, Spar, Checkers or your local petrol station, you can still take advantage of the offers. And getting your credit for it is easy, too. All you need to do is hit the snap button and your camera will be activated. Take a snap of your receipt showing the purchase of your booked items. They allocate the money to your wallet wihtin a few days. Easy as that.

Cashing out is easy, too.

Once you’re ready to spend your money, you simply request to cash out your funds in the SNAPnSAVE wallet tab. You’ll get a wiCode in the wallet tab. You can give the code to cashiers at PicknPay, Dischem, News Cafe, Primi and Vida e Caffe. Personally, I’m saving up my money at the moment so that I can go for a nice lunch at Primi for “free”, or I might just buy Harley’s nappies at Dischem next time and not have to budget for them.

It’s important to note that you won’t be getting enormous amounts of money back on each item – I’ve generally gotten about R10-20 back on a given shop. However, those shops add up, and it’s free savings considering I’d be buying milk, garlic, cheese, or lunch meat anyway. Within a few weeks or months, you could easily rack up enough for some free groceries, nappies or lunch out.


– Free app
– Easy to use
– Useful daily

– Can take a while to rack up a huge amount in your wallet
– Popular items can get booked out, forcing you to wait or possibly miss out on them

Where can I find it?
Get it on itunes
Get it for Android

Leave me a comment if you have any questions on this app and I will see what I can do!

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Are you an avid app collector as well? Have you found an app that has changed your parenting world that you think we should check out? Send us a mail to editor@tums2totsonline.co.za with the subject (H)Appy Parenting with Zoe.

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Zoe Hawkins

Zoe is a first time mom to a gorgeous baby girl named Harley Wednesday. An avid video gamer, book worm and movie nut, she blogs at BornGeek about pregnancy, parenthood and life, with a unique geeky perspective that is all her own. Content editor & PR manager at LazyGamer, she has now added Tums 2 Tots Online columnist to her busy lifestyle, where she will be sharing reviews on various apps that make life as a parent-to-be and parents a little easier in her column (H)Appy Parenting.

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