Hasbro has you covered this Christmas

Christmas lists are our favourite thing! We are so spoiled for choice this year, we are struggling to narrow it all down. One thing is for sure, Hasbro fans are in for some amazing treats!

Here are some of our top Hasbro choices for this Christmas! Hasbro 2018 christmas Featured

Hasbro My Little Pony Favourites

My Little Pony is a firm favourite all year round. My 4 year old fell in love with the #MLP TV series and we watched nothing but for weeks! She is a Twilight Sparkle fan and her collection is apparently never complete. Hasbro has everything a #MLP fan could dream of for Christmas!


Because the fab folks at Hasbro know how much Charly loves Twilight, they sent us the Explore Equestria Sparkle Bright Princess Twilight Sparkle and the Twilight Sparkle Glitter & Style Seapony. Last year’s Canterlot and Seaquestria Castle is still a feature in our lounge and her Twilight Seapony plush still has pride of place next to her bed!

For fans of other ponies, there is plenty on offer as well! The Glitter and Glow Princess Celestia is gorgeous as her lights twinkle on pressing her cutie mark. For Rainbow Dash fans, there is a Singing Rainbow Dash that sings “Time to be Awesome” (SO catchy!!). And for Equestria Girls fans, there are beautiful character dolls.

Hasbro Disney Princess range

Disney Princesses are timeless and familiar to children across the world. Every child seems to connect with a princess that speaks to who they are. Whether your little one loves dressing up as a princess herself, likes mini collecible princesses or loves regular princess dolls, there is the perfect Disney Princess item for them!

COPYRIGHT MLM Hasbro Disney Princess featured

The Disney Princess Basic Fashion Dolls are simple and gorgeous. The range includes 5 of our favourite Disney Princesses… Belle, Cinderella, Tiana, Rapunzel and Ariel. They are each in their own classic princess dress, with glitter skirts and matching removable shoes and tiaras. They have the movable arms, legs and heads and their hair is in the style they are best known for.

Hasbro Play-Doh

I have never met a child who didn’t adore Play-Doh. Inspiring creativity in a thousand different ways, whether you get a single can for the Christmas stockings or invest in one of the more focused play sets, you are bound to have some hugely smiling children on Christmas morning.

COPYRIGHT MLM hasbro play-doh

Did you know that teaching your little one to use Play-Doh to form the letters of the alphabet, numbers or shapes, you are boosting their learning? Incorporating multiple senses helps children who learn better through alternative senses… Some children are auditory learners, others visual and still others tactile. It also helps all children to make connections and learn concepts.

Hasbro Transformers

The latest Transformers movie, Bumblebee is launching in December!! This means the stores are bursting with incredible Bumblebee toys to thrill Transformers fans (young and old)!

Hasbro transformers in content

Help your little one transform into Bumblebee with the Bumblebee Showcase Helmet! Spoil your special someone with the Power Charge Bumblebee action figure, that converts from robot mode to classic Volkswagen Beetle mode in 17 steps! If you have a music lover, the Bumblebee DJ Stryker figure is amazing! It interacts with fans and allows them to create their own original tunes.

Hasbro Collectables

What is it about collectables? I know I am just as hooked on completing all the sets as my child is. It is just so satisfying! Most collectables are the perfect stocking fillers for Christmas.

Hasbro has a whole range of options to choose from! Lock Stars are collectable lock accessories. Lost Kitties are adorable mischievous little kitties, who come in an adorable milk carton. The Littlest Pet Shop has expanded its range of characters and accessories.

COPYRIGHT MLM Hasbro lockstars littlest pet shop featured

And if you are sticking to themes and wanting to “top up” your gift… You can look at the My Little Pony Cutie Mark Crew, combining the worlds of My Little Pony and Equestria Girls. Each blind bag includes a 4cm adorable figure, cafeteria snack-themed accessory, collector card, and a stackable case.

If it was YOUR Christmas list and not your child’s… Which of the Hasbro toy collection would YOU choose?

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