Healthy Kids are Cool Market – Spring Edition

Noordhoek Farm Village Saturday
7 September 2019, 9am – 3pm.
A unique family health market with
something delicious for toddler to teenager,
mom, dad, gramps, granny and the auntie.


What to expect

  • Browse stalls with healthy food and drink, while stocking up on goodies for your kids’ lunch boxes
  • Nutrient-dense food ideas for all the family
  • Healthy sweet treats
  • Fresh farm produce
  • Something new for both locals and visitors to Noordhoek
  • Top tips and gadgets to make parents’ lives easier
  • Excellent discounts
  • Tasty tasters
  • Fun for kids
  • They support local, organic, eco-friendly, sustainable and green companies as far as possible
  • Above all a day of true investment in your family’s health!
  • Entrance is free
  • Secure free parking

Healthy Kids are CoolAbout Healthy Kids are Cool

‘Healthy Kids are Cool’ hosts regular educational events for moms, dads, teachers and caregivers in Cape Town and surrounding areas. Their events are jam packed with information and inspiration to support our little people to grow strong minds, open hearts and fit bodies. Most importantly, they work with medical doctors, nutritionists, health coaches, researchers, bio-hackers, as well as passionate and informed parents, to help shape their programme.

Who is behind the HKaC mission and what inspired the event?

The woman behind this event is Talitha Kotze, mompreneur, and mother of two young kids under age 3, says:

“I want my kids to grow up eating healthy food, cooking healthy food, and enjoying healthy food. Good food, rich in nutrients, prepared in a loving way, will nourish the body. Mass produced food pumped full of preservatives, processed food items, refined sugar, and fillers such as refined wheat and soy, actually depletes the body of energy, instead of giving it fuel.

The inspiration behind this unique family health food market, is to help parents understand where our food comes from, how to read labels to understand what is in it, and what kind of items to avoid, and why. Once you really understand how bad processed food is for your kids, you can’t un-know it, and then you want to know what are the good stuff, and where to find it. We have made it easy for parents: we have carefully selected local brands who fit the ethos of offering quality ingredients, organic where possible, locally produced, friendly to the environment, good for our gut, natural, raw, vegetarian, vegan, diabetic, and allergy friendly options.

Feeding your children well will allow them to thrive in all areas of life. Good food helps manage our emotions. It helps our brain to function optimally. Good food supports our bodies to grow into powerhouses of strong, resilient adults. Good food helps us to open our heart so that we can love fiercely. It is our duty as parents to facilitate all of this for our kids. And if we don’t know how to do this, we need to find out. In short, our market will provide a step in the right direction.”

Is this a recurring event?

Our fast growing quarterly ‘Healthy Kids are Cool’ market currently takes place at the super cool venue: the Noordhoek Farm Village in Cape Town. This will be the second market there after a hugely successful first market day in April.

Noordhoek Farm Village venue

The market is held under a big tent on the lawn in the middle of the Noordhoek Farm Village surrounded by family friendly restaurants, shops, a secure play area with jungle gyms. Additionally there is seating under the tent where you can sit and enjoy the food and drink on offer.

More info:

Contact​: Talitha Kotze, Director/Founder
Tel: 0824338736


Keep an eye on the Tots 2 Tums site and socials for more ideas of family fun activities.

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