Have you heard of reverse washing your hair?

If oily hair is weighing you down and you’ve already tried all the fancy and expensive products that are on offer, with no luck, you may have a much simpler (and affordable) solution sitting right on your shelf. Have you heard of reverse washing? This month I am sharing the secret on Mom Moments with Megan!

You might have noticed that products can feel heavier as they weigh your hair down with product build-up, which is what causes your hair to look and feel so oily. After a little playing around with the products that I already had, I stumbled across reverse washing, and the best part is that it doesn’t cost me any more than my usual haircare routine.

Reverse washing is the method in which you use conditioner before shampoo, thereby reversing the usual order that you would wash your hair. Conditioner naturally coats your hair, leaving your hair feeling smoother, sleeker and ultra-soft, but the reality is that it doesn’t rinse out very well and sort of clings to your hair. By shampooing your hair afterwards, you will rinse the excess conditioner from your hair, eliminating any product build-up but still allowing the necessary process of restoring moisture to your hair.

After deciding to give the method a try and realising how difficult it was to get out of auto-pilot mode that we tend to enter, while washing our hair. I eventually remembered to switch my routine around. After the first reverse wash, my hair felt a little lighter but there wasn’t a remarkable difference in texture until it dried.

The following morning, I ran my fingers through my hair and immediately noticed that there was no frizz! My hair was voluminous and soft but not the kind of “too-soft” that you can’t manage or tame. It was reasonably easy to comb through and overall I was quite happy with how it turned out. The real test was seeing how long my hair could feel clean for, as I was in the routine of having to wash it on a daily basis.

Usually, as soon as my hair starts getting oily, I can’t handle it being near my face so was really excited to find that on the days that I reversed my washing routine, I didn’t experience that at all. In fact, by the end of the third day, I still hadn’t seen any major build-up of oils, besides the usual oil around my roots and with a spritz of dry shampoo, it was back to looking fresh.

3 Tips for Reverse Washing

  • Wet your hair before applying conditioner – Remember that you are only changing the order that you wash your hair, nothing else.
  • Leave your conditioner to soak in, for as long as you always have. You know how you leave your conditioner in while you shave, wash our body and sing a tune? Well, you still do just that! Conditioner soaks in and nourishes your hair from root to tip, so give it some time to work its magic.
  • Don’t rinse the conditioner out before using shampoo. You know those goldilocks pot scourers that your granny used to use? Your hair will look and feel even worse than one of those. By leaving the conditioner in and applying the shampoo directly to your conditioned hair, you’re washing the conditioner off and removing all product. But if you’ve already rinsed off the conditioner, then you’re basically just drying out your hair by removing its natural oils needed to retain moisture.

Simply put, this change in routine has become my new way of washing my own hair especially as it’s shorter and tends to get oily quickly. I especially like that this method didn’t require any fancy products and it just took swapping my usual routine to fix a problem that I was having.

Will you be trying reverse washing? I’d love to hear if it works for you!

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Megan Kelly Botha

Megan is a WAHM to the adorable Axl, and married to the love of her life, Darren, for the last 3 years. During the day, she spends her time juggling the demands of a toddler, while documenting her life and passion for all things beauty, on her personal blog - By Megan Kelly. At night, she takes to the phones of an American based company and plans and coordinates children’s gaming parties. She owes her success to a caffeine, chocolate and undeniable makeup addiction.

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