Hey Baby! Delicious safe teething snacks

The first tooth is one of the milestones we most look forward to as parents. What we don’t consider before we become parents, is that to get that tooth you have to survive teething! While I have heard rare stories of parents waking up one day to find teeth in their sweet little gummy baby’s mouth, with no warning or tears… more often than not teething is a very trying time for baby and parents. Most of us spend huge amounts of time and money trying to find the magic thing that soothes itchy or painful gums. And of course, trying to find anything that baby will eat when they go on the teething hunger strikes. Hey Baby! has created a range of snacks to meet that need.

Hey Baby! has a range of yummy, light and convenient snacks that are perfect for your teething baby. They are easy to hold, easy to pack, easy to eat and easy for little tummies just introduced to solids to digest.

Hey Baby! teething biscuits and organic mini Rice Cakes are GMO Free, Gluten Free, oven baked and full of light flavour. The surfboard-shaped “biscuits” come in apple, banana or blueberry flavours and dissolve instead of crumbling. This makes them safe for a baby still learning how to engage with solid foods AND prevents the usual mess. The mini rice cakes are the perfect size for little hands and are flavoured with apple and mango or blueberry.

hey baby! hamper image

Hey Baby! provides the solution to many a desperate mommy’s teething problems… but also the mama looking for easy and healthy lunchbox snacks for older kids. You can find the range at Baby City, Clicks, Pick ’n Pay, Checkers and SPAR stores.


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  1. The Rice Cakes will be a absolute delight for little Kayla to try , the flavours seem wonderful and will try them all and see which she prefers

  2. Hi.i would love my baby to try the blueberry rice cakes as she really liked the mango and apple flavoured one.she loves berries so would love to give it a try

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