Holiday activities that will keep the kids busy…and won’t break the bank!

As many moms will tell you, the school holidays can be both a blessing and a curse. While it’s great to be able to spend quality time with your kids, it’s also exhausting trying to come up with new holiday activities that will keep your children occupied and not cost a fortune.

Janine van Deventer, Marketing Manager at South Africa’s leading value retailer Ackermans, believes that creating memorable moments doesn’t need to be expensive. “Giving your kids money for day outings can quickly add up. There are a number of fun holiday activities and games that will keep your children entertained… And won’t break the bank.”

Janine shares some of her favourite affordable activities that she enjoys with her own children over the holidays.

Rainy day games

“Colouring in might seem like a simple activity, but if you trace a few outlines for your kids and have them colour in the lines, it can do wonders for their creative side as well as motor skills,” says Janine. Colouring in is believed to improve focus and hand-eye coordination. “And for busy moms, it’s a great form of stress relief!”

And if you’re no Picasso don’t fear! Check out the Ackermans website here for a selection of patterns you can print out for your kids.

For more activity suggestions, visit the Ackermans games page.

DIY Easter decor

Involve your kids in making some colourful Easter decorations? “Have the kids create bunny and chick masks. They can cut shapes into paper plates and decorate each one in their own unique style,” says Janine. If you’re having family over for lunch or dinner, give one to each guest to wear for a fun group photo.

Set up painting stations for your kids to decorate those chocolate Easter eggs with the plain white shell. Supply them with paint brushes and a few bottles of food colouring. Their beautifully designed eggs can be used as table decorations and enjoyed as an after meal treat.

holiday activities

Let your kids find their inner fashionista

Items of clothing your kids have outgrown or don’t wear anymore offer a perfect opportunity for little fashionistas to get creative.

Together with your kids, pick out a few things they no longer wear. Then arm them with a pair of scissors and a sewing kit (if they are a little older), and challenge them to get creative!

“Kids gain a sense of ownership of their look with DIY clothes, and you will probably be amazed at what they come up with. Let them hold a mini-fashion show for the family afterwards where they can show off their fresh new looks!” says Janine.


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