How can I protect my child from going missing

One of the biggest fears many parents have is the fear that their child may go missing. As parents it is our duty to ensure that our children are protected. It is our duty to teach our children how to protect themselves.

Here are 5 simple rules that parents should teach their child to ensure that they are kept safe.

  1. Never get into a car with strangers.
  2. Never let people into the house or open the door if you don’t know them.
  3. Always tell an adult where you are going.
  4. Don’t accept gifts or sweets from strangers.
  5. Your body is private and you must not show it to people.

These 5 steps above may seem simple and logical to an adult, but to a child, these simple steps may just save them.

Here are a few further steps and precautions to assist in ensuring your child’s safety:

  • It is vital that your child knows their address as well as your cell phone number.
  • Set rules such as not allowing them to go outside of the property without asking permission.
  • Know their friends as well as the parents contact numbers.
  • Teach them the same route to places visited frequently.
  • Set a curfew.
  • Ensure your children know how to get to the closest safe haven such as a clinic or police station.
  • Set a rule that your child always needs to let you know where they are going and who they are going with.
  • If it is unsafe or your child is very young, ensure an adult accompanies them.

Once again these may seem logical but to a child, these need to be taught and constantly reiterated to ensure their safety. These simple steps may go a long way in protecting your children from the dangers that are out there. Ensure that your child knows these steps to keep them safe.


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