How relevant are routines in your baby’s life?

After a Facebook chat with Renowned Parenting and Pampers Institute Expert Sister Lilian, a vital theme was picked up: How important is it to follow routines when it comes to your baby’s development?

Moms took to the chat to ask the following questions around this topic: What to do when your baby isn’t taking proper afternoon naps? What to do when your baby doesn’t sleep at a certain time? What to do when your baby refuses to eat certain foods or drinks?

Sister Lilian provided moms with advice regarding these queries: When it comes to afternoon naps, she says, “Some little ones just need a rest (a power nap) and not a full nap.” She continues to explain that sometimes a baby can sense his mom’s exhaustion – therefore making it ideal for mom to nap with him which could lead to him sleeping a bit longer.

Moms also wanted to know what to do regarding putting your child to sleep at a certain time. “Pre-midnight sleep is best quality sleep. One should never try to keep a baby up later so that he doesn’t wake up in the early morning. Keeping a baby up as an investment in a better night – it almost always backfires. Your baby will eventually sleep throughout the night so trying to force it now can be harmful,” she explains.

When it comes to your baby not feeding enough in the evening and waking up in short intervals in the morning to feed, she says, “A baby’s tummy is very small. But, they also feel their parents’ tension and that can make them wake more frequently and drink haphazardly. In the early months, feed your baby whenever hungry. Kiss and cuddle, take your baby into bed with you and remember that having a baby is not like a work project. A baby needs a human, softer approach to ensure that they turn out happy and well adjusted.”

In terms of a set routine Sr Lilian advises: “When referring to routine, moms must take into account that life is not one set pattern. For example, it can help to use a camp cot away from home to ‘represent’ the home sleeping space and it can be good to keep baby close to you while visiting, when it comes to feed and sleep times. Otherwise, just keep your patterns going with confidence at home and your baby will soon settle back into them. Never get upset.”

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