How to live more efficiently and stay warm this winter

With winter here, everyone’s looking for ways to stay warm! But we’re also all trying to save on electricity costs and live more sustainable lives. Luckily, innovative technology is continuously being developed, and the solution to help us meet all of these competing needs might just lie with new-age air conditioners.

There are some fairly common myths out there surrounding air conditioners. For starters, many believe that the bigger the unit, the better the air flow. Others believe that setting your thermostat super hot will heat the room faster. In fact, the size of the unit doesn’t matter if it’s motorised by a powerful inverter and setting the temperature to very hot is not the most efficient way to heat your space.

As part of World Environmental Month, and with the cold setting in, we thought it best to debunk some myths about air conditioners, and show you that not all air conditioners are equal, but with the right tech, they can help you live more comfortably and sustainably.

Myth: Air cons increase your energy consumption during winter

Not necessarily. A traditional oil heater will certainly send your electricity bill soaring, but there are more efficient heating methods. State of the art air conditioners, like the LG Artcool airconditioner, are designed for efficiency and to save you energy.

What makes the LG Artcool airconditioner so innovative is its Inverter Compressor that results in energy savings of up to 70%, and 30% faster heating and cooling all year round. It’s able to achieve these efficiencies because the compressor’s speed is constantly adjusted to maintain desired temperature levels while expelling air farther and faster. This solves issues like improper functioning, inefficiencies, and noise problems. The smart tech gives you better output without working harder or using more energy.

Myth: Air conditioners may be spreading diseases

This rumour was making the rounds last year, but the opposite might actually be true. If you choose the right model, your air conditioner can actually purify the air, helping keep you and your family healthy.

The LG Artcool airconditioner features state of the art ioniser technology that uses over 3 million ions to sterilise not only the air going through the air conditioner, but also harmful substances and odours surrounding the unit. The ioniser has been proven to sterilise over 99% of adhering bacteria within 60 minutes, giving your family the peace of mind it needs this winter.

How else can your appliances help you live more efficiently?

Smart appliances help you build a more efficient smart home, so you can benefit from the convenience of internet-connected appliances. And you guessed it – the LG Artcool airconditioner is fully onboard with this trend too.

Using LG’s Smart ThinQ technology, you can access your air conditioner at any time and from anywhere with a Wi-Fi equipped device and LG’s exclusive home appliances control app. It lets you control and monitor the unit, run smart diagnostics and filter management, and is easily integrated to work seamlessly alongside your other smart home appliances. The app means you can save energy too. It’s easy to check if the TV has been left on, adjust air con settings to avoid wasting power, or download special cycles for the washing machine to minimise water usage.

There are so many ways to live more efficiently this winter. The health benefits, lower energy consumption, and complete convenience of innovative appliances not only prioritise your comfort but protect our planet too.

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