First 6 weeks with your baby

An interesting workshop ‘Life with your Newborn’ will be presented in Port Elizabeth on 12 April 2014 by Sr. Teresa Hayward.

Teresa is a Registered Midwife with further qualifications in the Intensive care of Newborns as well as being a mother of two.  She has heaps of experience that she would love to share with all new parents.

Few parents spend much time preparing for or thinking constructively about what life will be like after their baby arrives.  They often plan for the pregnancy, the labor and how much maternity leave they will take, and then they end up feeling totally unprepared and bowled over by their postnatal experience and newborn.

The birth of your baby is an exciting time and being unprepared for what lies ahead ensures that you and your partner enter this time knowing that you have the knowledge to cope with all eventualities that surround the birth of your baby.

This workshop will illustrate what to expect in the first hours, days, weeks and months after your baby is born giving you real, useful tools to plan for success in advance.  Typical things that will surprise most new parents will also be discussed.

The programme will consist of discussions on the following topics:


1)  What your baby can do in its:   

  • 1st hours
  • 1st days
  • 1st weeks
  • 1st months

2)  Newborns appearance

3)  How do newborns 

  • sleep
  • eat – breastfeeding
  • communicate – crying
  • function
  • development


1)  Bathing, dressing, diapering, cord care and comforting

2)  Sleep and sleep safety 

3)  Feeding – breastfeeding / bottle feeding

4)   Health 

  • Immunization
  • choosing a pediatrician
  • safety issues – HOME AND CAR SAFETY
  • when to call the doctor

5)   Traveling and packing a nappy bag

6)   Introducing baby to sibling or pet

The workshop will be held on 12th April 2014 from 9 – 13:30 and will cost R120 per mom/R200 per couple.  Refreshments will also be served.  Each mom will receive a “goodie bag”. Booking is essential by contacting Teresa at 0824009501 or via email:

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