Huggies Brand Ambassador Linda Mtoba Q&A

Huggies®, the baby brand synonymous with nappies is delighted to announce the signing of award-winning actress and personality Linda Mtoba as its new Brand Ambassador.

As a new mom embarking on the beautiful journey of parenting, the partnership is aligned with Huggies commitment to make the important job of parents and parents-to-be a little bit easier through practical products and parenting advice on various platforms.

The Brand Ambassadorship will showcase the much-loved actress’s precious journey with Baby Bean and Huggies® will be with her every step of the way.

Linda Mtoba shares her thoughts with us.

1. How do you feel about being a Huggies brand ambassador and the association with the brand?

Linda Mtoba: I’m a Huggies mom because my mom was too, and she always wanted the best for us so I knew that Huggies was good quality and gave baby the best in snug protection. I remember the very first nappy I changed was my little brother’s and it was a Huggies nappy.

Basically, life has come full circle in the most beautiful way. I am very excited and proud to embark on this parenting journey with a brand that supports parents

2. What is your role as a Huggies Brand Ambassador?

Linda Mtoba:
To give support to babies and their parents. To offer comfort at all times. To give the most amazing hugs & love to parents & baba. To continue to be a vessel for what Huggies stands for.

3. How do you feel Huggies aligns with your journey as a new mother?

Linda Mtoba:
As a new mom there is so many things we stress & worry about. The perfect nappy being one of the first things. Huggies brand promise, which is “Extending a mother’s embrace to help babies thrive” resonates with me so much because they are there from the very first moments. Huggies offer a range of products to support me through my journey and act as a reassuring protective hug. From the Huggies pants to the little swimmers, every step of the way I am confident that they will be there for me & my daughter as she grows.

4. What role do you think Huggies can play in every parent’s journey?

Linda Mtoba:
Peace of mind; knowing that you as a parent have one less thing to worry about.

5. What do you appreciate the most about Huggies products?

Linda Mtoba:
For me, what they say is actually true, they’re comfortable and have super absorbing features. I can see in Bean’s everyday movements and growth, she has a sense of freedom and does not seem to be held back by a nappy, they’re a part of her everyday lifestyle.
I also love seeing my favourite Disney characters daily.

6. What are some of the Huggies brand’s values that you personally believe in?

Linda Mtoba:
I highly believe in my intuition as a mom and a woman, I love the fact that they allow parents to trust that and also encourage parents to be on their own journey because every baby is different.

7. What impact would you like to make as a Huggies Brand Ambassador?

Linda Mtoba:
I am looking forward to empowering moms and dads by helping to educate and spread positivity in their parenting journey.
I am excited that I will have the vehicle to aid and assist less fortunate families.

8. What are your top three parent tips for new moms you would like to share?

Linda Mtoba:

  • You’re a mom and you’ll always know best.
  • To follow your intuition.
  • To not forget about oneself in the process of giving all of yourself to the world & our children.
9. What do you enjoy most about nappy changes?

Linda Mtoba:
(This made me smile) It’s so precious, there’s a look she gives me like she sees the whole world above her. Her coos her giggles. The little feet up in the air. Her little hands trying to grab everything around her. I love it!

10. What is your work life balance as a new mom especially in the entertainment industry?

Linda Mtoba:
I’m such a homebody so I spend most of my time at home if not at work & also I’m highly blessed to work for a company that understands the importance of family and supports us in ensuring that our families are never compromised because of our careers.

11. How have your mom’s hugs inspired you?

Linda Mtoba:
She makes it feel like everything is ok and I’m doing great even in moments when I doubt myself. She still hugs me every day and that empowers me and give me strength cause every now & then we feel overwhelmed.

12. Being a mom is……

Linda Mtoba:

  • Living with your heart out your chest (my baby being my heart)
  • The most fulfilling gift.
  • A new level of loving.

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