In Love Emoji pillow – A Valentine’s Day craft

Crafting Corner with Ella is jumping on the Valentine’s Day craft bandwagon, but we are doing something a little different to the rest – an In Love Emoji pillow!

With Valentine’s Day around the corner I thought I would be all kinds of corny and create a Valentine’s day pillow. I like to make gift boxes for my son to mark special days, nothing extreme, just a little treat on days like Valentine’s Day. Last year I literally just made him an old-school paper cup “phone”. This year I upped my game a little with an In Love Emoji pillow…


In Love Emoji WYN
Brown Felt
Red Felt
Yellow material (I used a yellow T-shirt that had a stain because I am all about the budget)
Teddy Stuffing
Fabric glue
Sewing machine/needle and thread

– Use a big plate to trace a circle on your material

In love Emoji Plate
– Pin on the inside of where you made your mark and cut out circle

In love emoji pin1
– Use the felt to cut out two hearts from red felt and a smile from the brown
– Turn your material right side out
– Check your phone to see placement of shapes and mark it off In Love Emoji
– Put fabric glue on the back of the felt pieces (with the brand I use you also need to put glue on pillow and wait for it to dry first)

In love emoji glue
– Attach pieces to the front of the pillow

In love emoji glue on
– After the glue dries turn the two “pillow pieces” right side together again and pin
– Sew around the circumference of the pillow leaving a gap

In love emoji sew
– Use the gap to turn the pillow inside out (well technically right side out)
– Stuff with pillow stuffing and jiggle around to get the right shape

In love emoji stuff
– Sew the hole closed

And TA DAH – a one of a kind In Love Emoji pillow <3

In love emoji TADAH

GIVE TO SOMEONE YOU LOVE (this can totally be yourself, because self love is important and self gifts are even more so)!

In love emoji GIVE

I would love your feedback, thoughts and comments if there is anything that isn’t quite clear or if you have any questions at all!

How many of you made your own coloured cloud dough from last month’s tutorial?

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*Eleanor “Ella” Douglas is the creator and owner of Oh!Boy Kids Accessories

Ella Douglas-Meyers

Ella is a crafting obsessed mommy blogger who has a passion for making fun, beautiful, functional things on a budget. Ella is a journalist by trade, works in layout and design Monday to Wednesday, and then freelance writes, blogs at Just Ella Bella, and designs and handmakes bespoke kids accessories and toys for her business Oh!Boy Kids the rest of the week.


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