Ina Meyer also believed it would never happen to her

You hear a lot of parents saying  “it won’t happen to me” but what if it does? What if the worst thing imaginable does happen to you? What if you could have prevented it but didn’t because you were “just driving around the corner?” What if someone else skips a light? What if they run into you while driving down the road? What if you told yourself the price of a car seat was too expensive and not worth it? What if your child wasn’t strapped in? What if in that exact moment, your whole entire life changes and your child is lost in an accident which could have been prevented? It happened to Ina Meyer.

Ina Meyer tells her story so that you can learn from her and not make the same mistake at such a high cost. She tells her painful story, so that you can’t say, “I didn’t know better.” She would give anything to change what happened, but instead, she’s trying to stop you from going through what she did!

Hearing Ina tell her story really hit these points home for me. I just knew it was a story that I wanted to tell. Then I put it off for weeks because I didn’t know how to begin talking to her. How do you approach a mom who has lost a child and ask her to talk about it? Well, she was amazing and although I’ve cried several times watching the video and reading her words, it’s a story that I know you need to read!

It’s our job as parents to protect our children from the worst thing imaginable; death! It is our job to make the sacrifices necessary so that our precious children can live long and full lives.  It’s our jobs to know better and do better!

“I would rather have a crying child, than an injured or dead child.” – Ina Meyer

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  1. I have a lot of respect for Ina for having the courage to share her story. Her daughter would be proud.

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