International organic baby food brand hits South African shores!

Ella’s Kitchen, the innovative and lip-smacking, organic baby and toddler food range, transformed the global landscape with the introduction of the first ever squeeze pouch, in 2006.

Having taken Europe, the US and Australia by storm, this April (2013) sees the much anticipated launch of Ella’s Kitchen, throughout Baby City, Toys R Us, Food Lover’s Market  and selected Spar Retailers and Baby Boom stores, nationwide.

Introduced to the local market exclusively in partnership with Fountain Medical, Ella’s Kitchen is especially created for and around little people. Focussed on putting the fun into mealtimes, the premium, organic food brand boasts 21 genuine and honest products and is made from organic ingredients, with absolutely no additives nor preservatives. The range is suitable for babies from 6 months plus, right up to pre-schoolers. The yummy organic product range includes: First Tastes, Baby Brekkie, Stage 1, 2 and 3 baby food, plus Smoothie Fruits. Prices range between R18 – R38, per unit.

Ella’s Kitchen is the brainchild of UK dad and 2011 UK Entrepreneur of the Year, Paul Lindley, and was born from the challenge he faced, getting his daughter, Ella, excited about mealtimes. Paul passionately believes that all kids should have the opportunity to discover that healthy food can be fun, tasty and cool. He also believed that just like adults, babies eat with all of their senses – not just touch and taste.

Research commissioned by Ella’s Kitchen shows that toddlers who first experienced new foods through sight, smell, sound and touch during play sessions, were more willing to try tasting their vegetables.

Paul says, “We take simple, organic ingredients that ooze goodness and pop them into brightly coloured and squeezy pouches, which babies love to grab and squish. Our packaging is specifically designed to really connect with little ones and come with quirky names such as The Red One, Chick-Chick Chicken Casserole with Rice and Very Very Tasty Vegetable Bake with Lentils. All these naturally good elements help kids to enjoy eating healthy foods, using all of their senses.”

Astrid Anderson, Medical Professions Manager, Fountain Medical, is keen to present the brand’s wholesome philosophy, together with its nutritionally delicious offering, to South African parents and their kids, alike. “By cultivating positive attitudes towards healthy eating and producing food which is hearty, handy and exciting; Ella’s Kitchen is enabling and ensuring parents establish good habits, which will last a lifetime.”

Snapshot in a pouch: Ella’s kitchen offers…

  • Perfect portion-sized organic baby food fruits and veggies
  • Handy pouch – Moms and babies love it
  • Perfect for on-the-go or at home
    • Organic certified
    • Packaging is BPA-free

Ella’s Kitchen stands apart in that it is the ONLY baby food brand where you’ll find:

NO added refined sugar or salt

NO additives or thickeners

NO E numbers or GM

NO  fancy stuff and nothing artificial

JUST yummy organic food for babies + toddlers that’s handy, healthy + fun!

Good in every sense:

Ella’s Kitchen looks to work with the best in the market to deliver Paul’s vision to become the world’s first global premium food brand for pre-school kids. “Currently available in 15 countries around the world, Ella’s Kitchen believes that babies, from continent to continent, are more similar than different. In essence, they want meal times to be fun! We are delighted that we can now invite all South Africans, young and old – to the party, to taste and enjoy for themselves,” concludes Astrid.

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