Is baby on the right formula?

While breast is best there are reasons why some may prefer bottle feeding or are forced into this. Here expert, Sister Teresa Haywood, gives you some tips to determine the answer to your question.

If you answer yes to any of these questions, then the answer is no

  • Is your baby drinking more than he should do for his weight?
  • Are they struggling with constipation
  • Are they struggling with reflux, excessive winds and cramps
  • Are they demanding feeds more often than 4 hourly
  • Do they wake often at night and during the day


Formula fed babies should not be demand fed, only breastfed babies are demand fed. If they are drinking more than they should then this can cause reflux, cramps, constipation and poor sleeping. This is due to the fact that formula is designed to take 4hrs to digest.

If your baby’s formula needs to be changed, it needs to be done by health professional who have been trained on the different formulas. Every formula has different indications. A formula that suits your baby does not necessary suit another baby and we have specific guidelines we follow when changing a baby’s formula.

Something to think about, if you:

  • Are gaining too much weight, what do you do?
  • Are eating something that gives you reflux or cramps or wind, what do you do?
  • Are struggling with constipation, what do you do?
  • Are eating too much, what do you do?
  • Are not sleeping well, what do you do?


The first thing we do is change our diet. The same goes for a baby.

When deciding whether a formula suits a baby we look at certain things:

  • Does the formula sustain their hunger – if they are drinking more than they should or drinking more often than 4 hourly, then it isn’t
  • Are their winds, cramps or reflux worse on this formula
  • How often are they pooing
  • Are they sleeping well

Always remember that one formula is designed for millions of babies, whereas breastmilk is designed only for your baby. It can take a while to find the right formula for your baby as every baby is an individual with individual needs. Breast is always best and we always find there are more problems with formula babies.

At the end of the day though, we want happy babies, happy moms and happy families!

Sister Teresa Hayward

Sister Teresa Hayward is a private registered midwife and NICU trained. She offers a range of services including Antenatal classes and Parenting Preparation classes, Post Natal home visits and weighing, Infant care and Parenting Education, Breastfeeding Support, Premature and Special Needs Infant Care, Doula services and a Mom support group all in the Port Elizabeth area. The aim of Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond Mom and Baby Health Centre is to offer moms the best care and advice possible during their pregnancy up until they give birth and afterwards during the 1st year looking after the whole family. Sister Teresa may be contacted via email on . Her facebook page:

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