Keeping Homes baby safe

Once baby starts moving it always comes as something of a surprise just how quickly they get around and the distance they cover.

As moms it doesn’t matter how vigilant we are, our tiny tots can crawl and walk their way out of our line of vision in a matter of seconds. For this reason, it is vital that we baby proof our homes sooner rather than later. In fact, experts suggest doing this before baby starts becoming mobile, to avoid being caught out unprepared when our little ones start to explore.

On all Fours

“You may think you have all the danger points covered, but you’ll be surprised how your perspective changes when you get down to baby’s level. It’s a good idea to crawl around your home before declaring it baby proof. By way of example, there may be a plug point underneath a counter which you may have missed, or a sharp corner of a tile that has gone unnoticed,” advises Astrid Anderson of Fountain Medical, distributor of Clevamama in South Africa.

What’s Cooking?

According to Anderson one area in the home that requires particular attention is the kitchen. “From hot stoves and ovens to boiling kettles and ceramic dishes that may break, the kitchen is a minefield for inquisitive little explorers. The good news is that there are products on the market that can give moms more peace of mind when it comes to this hotspot.

The Clevamama™ Transparent Oven Guard, by way of example, helps protect little hands from scalds and burns. The guard reduces oven heat by up to 50% thereby preventing injury. The transparent material also allows moms to see into the oven and is easy to clean. Using heat resistant double-sided suction pads it only takes seconds to attach to a metal or glass oven door.

Used alone or in conjunction with the Clevamama™ Transparent Oven Door Guard, the Clevamama Oven Door Lock is a heat resistant lock that prevents children from opening hot oven doors. This simple effective lock is easily attached and very secure. The Clevamama™ Transparent Oven Door Guard is available at Baby City, Toys R Us and Baby Boom for the recommended retail price of R494.00 while the Clevamama™ Oven Door Lock is also available at these and selected Checkers stores for R52.00.

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