Kids Eat Well at The Westin Hotel

The Westin Hotel in Cape Town has refreshed their Kids Eat Well Menu, the goal of which is to make eating nutritional dishes fun for children. To that end, the hotel invited children to vote for their favourite meals as part of a global competition held this month.

The Heart And Stroke Foundation of South Africa says that 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 5 boys between the ages of 2 – 14 years are overweight or obese. This highlights the importance of healthy eating from a young age. “There has been an increase in awareness around healthy eating. Parents are opting for nutritional food options for their children at home and on the go. The Westin’s Kids Eat Well Menu, which first launched in 2014, reflects this trend and addresses children’s preferences.”

“The challenge we face is getting children engaged in the dining experience, so that it’s exciting for them to eat healthily. This is why we wanted their feedback for the new Kids Eat Well menu dishes directly,” says Grant Cullingworth, Executive Chef at Westin Cape Town.

Tums 2 Tots Kids Eat Well 1

The global competition was held by the Westin’s key properties including Dubai, Rome, Madrid, Munich and Paris. Each property followed strict criteria for entry. Dishes that form part of the menu use high fibre whole grains, fresh fruits, vegetables that are minimally processed, lean protein, and comply with nutrient count on sugar and salt. The menu was created in collaboration with the international group SuperChefs™. SuperChefs is made up of doctors, dentists and dietitians dedicated to helping kids eat smart.

Cullingworth and his team carefully crafted six recipes for the Kids Eat Well menu and invited children to do a blind tasting. The children were asked to tell the chefs what they thought of the dishes and voted for their favourites. “Who better to sample a children’s menu than children themselves? We wanted to consider everything from taste, to the visual appeal of the dish, to what we call it, so that eating healthy is fun for children,” says Cullingworth.

Kids Eat Well Menu breakfast

There were four clear favorites of the day which included:

· The Buck Light Year which is almond waffles with strawberries, banana and black cherries.
· The Humpty Dumpty which was made up of a soft boiled egg with whole-wheat pancake dippers, broccoli and cauliflower.
· The Lady and the Tramp, a healthy play on spaghetti and meatballs, made with boerewors and lentil meatballs and courgette tagliatelle.
· Cookie Monster, which is made up of almond macaroons filled with frozen blueberry yoghurt and served with 2 gluten free oat and chocolate chip cookies.

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Our editor’s 2 year old daughter Charlotte (Charly) Rose was the youngest to attend the menu tasting. We can therefore happily say that the food was delicious and the children loved it! You can even find Charly’s personal thoughts on the food here. If you are looking for somewhere to have a gorgeous healthy meal with kids, The Westin in Cape Town is the place to go!

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