Learn a second language the fun way

Have you ever wondered how to start learning another South African language?  Be it for you, your children or the whole family, achieving this goal is now made easy with the help of Learning Tools.

Learning Tools is a trusted educational website. They offer two games to help jump start your family with a second language in the form of fun.  Conversation Stations and Viva Vocab have been developed by teachers specifically with you in mind.  These games are ideal to use in your home to help build vocabulary, pronunciation and early sentence building in English, Afrikaans, Xhosa and Zulu.

For years, the popular methodology for learning a second language has been a focus on grammar and sentences first and then on vocabulary.  Recently however many teachers have realised that learning vocabulary first, leads to an easier transition into the second language.  Learning grammar and how to construct sentences is easier once the learner has a reasonable base of vocab to draw on.

The development of Conversation Stations and Viva Vocab is based on this concept of building a solid foundation of vocabulary before tackling other aspects of the language.  Studies suggest that most learners need between 5 – 16 ‘meetings’ with a word in order to retain it.  By using these games from Learning Tools, learners will be repeatedly exposed to vocabulary building in different situations.

We had hours of fun while putting Viva Vocab to the test. This specialised vocabulary building game is ideal for all ages.  It is a flash card game – with a picture of an object on the one side and the vocabulary word on the reverse. The word is listed in English, Afrikaans, Xhosa and Zulu.  The game includes over 250 vocabulary words which are categorised and each category is colour coded.  The categories include numbers, days of the week, months of the year, emotions, verbs, nouns as well as greetings and expression to name but a few.  The phonetic transcription for correct pronunciation is included too.

For more information on this product and many others on offer, visit www.learningtools.co.za.  All games are available for purchase online.

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