Let’s Party with Alice in Wonderland

Hello there! I’m Cindy Alfino (from 3 Kids, 2 Dogs and 1 Old House), and I’m back with another awesome party theme from our Let’s Party with Berry & Flambé Southern Suburbs competition! Do we have any Alice in Wonderland fans?

As you know, we’ve been running a freaking awesome competition with Berry & Flambé Southern Suburbs where you could win a themed party for your child. In order to stand a chance to win, all you had to do was live in / or be planning a party in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town and enter here. Give us the theme your kid has chosen for their party this year and then we’ll do everything else for you! If this is the first you’re hearing about this – don’t worry! We know life gets busy… But the good news is that you can still enter. Do that HERE.

Great man, I’m so glad that you entered – I love reading through all the options. My mind literally goes crazy with all the ideas! So thanks for entering! Now, let’s chat about our second winner…

We sifted through a whole lot more ideas and we just had to indulge our tea party fetish with…

An Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter Tea Party!

Well done to Tania Henshilwood! Your little girl is going to have a wonderful spoil with her themed cake – the Alice in Wonderland cake ideas are amazing! Mellissa from Berry & Flambé Southern Suburbs will be in touch with you shortly to arrange the voucher for your 2-tier themed cake!

Now, let’s jump right in! Let’s party with Alice in Wonderland!

Alice in wonderland set

1. Why this theme?

I think you have to ask yourself… WHY NOT this theme?! It literally has everything cool all wrapped up in one. A wonderland with a crazy Mad Hatter, white bunny rabbits with watches, a bit of magic, cutting off people’s heads and a whole tea party! Although, you’d probably want to leave out the people’s heads bit 😉

Our girls are absolutely obsessed with little tea parties and so this is the perfect theme for any tea party obsessed little person. You can adapt the theme to a “One-derland” party if your kid is turning one and then you can say “Nailed it!” and pat yourself on the back for being funny and cool all at the same time.

2. Decor

There are so many ways that you could do this decor! You could stick to the red, black and white of the playing cards and roses.

Black and red alice in wonderland

Or you could go completely colourful with the newer movie to work from.

mad hatter photo booth

Personally, I am partial to a party with a slightly more “vintage” feel about it. I’d do a long white table clothed table with multicoloured plates, doilies, a variety of tea cups and tea pots; with the food as part of the decor on little stands. Then as support decor around the venue you can use bunnies, hearts, carrots, clocks and roses.

Alice in Wonderland vintage

3. Cake

Again the options here are endless. From making the Mad Hatters hat, to Cheshire cat to detailed Wonderland representative cakes to a plain, but effective, “nude” cake. The cake choices alone are a great reason to choose this theme! Berry & Flambé has created some gorgeous cakes. And, as always, Tessa’s Bakery is a wonderful source of inspiration.

Alice in wonderland brightly cakesAlice in wonderland as done by Tessas Bakery

If you prefer a simple cake, having a carrot cake would be first prize! But, not all kids enjoy carrot cake despite it fitting perfectly with the theme they’ve chosen. You can opt for chocolate, strawberry or even just a good old vanilla.

Alice in wonderland bunny cakes

4. Food

All tea party appropriate food would work. Little finger sandwiches, mini pastries and quiches, clock shaped macaroons, card shaped biscuits and a variety of cupcakes. Ideally each food item should be small enough to eat in one bite, two or three at a push. You want it to be cute finger foods.

Alice in Wonderland eats

Everything can have “eat me” and “drink me” on toothpicks or strung around the bottles. Berry & Flambé’s trademark Steri Stumpie in bubble gum flavour would be perfect for this!

Eat me drink me
5. Activities

For the littler ones, you can’t go wrong with jumping castles and a soft play set up. A little older and they can also make their own tea cups (how to here) or create their own mini mad hatter “fascinators” to add to an alice band.

Alice in Wonderland fascinator

You could set up a smashing game of croquet. They play it on Max and Ruby (a kids TV program), so it can’t be that hard to actually do in real life with kids, can it?

Alice in Wonderland croquet

Or if your kids are a bit older and have a little more agility than their younger counterparts, you can get them to make card castles.

Alice in wonderland card castle
6. Party packs / take homes

You could have a perfectly designed theme bag, filled to the brim with treats from the party that they could take home! Or, if you’re more like us and prefer more of a keepsake…

I would recommend a pack or two of cards and maybe some dice. You can literally play anything with willing children and a pack of cards. It’s a gift that keeps on giving. Maybe even include some instructions to easy card games like Snap, Go Fish, Rummy, etc.


Or their very own tea cup with a little bag of fancy tea. Perfect way to end any party!

Alice in wonderland tea cup

Have you ever had a party with this theme? What did you do differently?

Have you seen our Rainbows and Unicorns party?

Do you have a party theme in mind and you just can’t think of how to bring it all together?

Be sure to enter our Berry & Flambé Southern Suburbs competition! You could win a themed cake, an article just like this one, and even a full party for 15 children!

Questions? Pop us a mail on editor@tums2totsonline.co.za with the subject line “Let’s Party with Cindy”.

*We can’t wait for our next Let’s Party with Cindy column; you can learn more about Cindy here.


Cindy Alfino

Cindy is a happily married mom of 3 little humans, Kyla (6), Riya-Ray (5) & Knox (3). She has her own business, and is the always-funny voice behind Best Parenting Blog of 2015, 3 Kids, 2 Dogs and 1 Old House! Being a mom of 3 means she gets to indulge in one of her favourite pastimes - planning awesome themed parties. Every month Cindy's column Let's Party with Cindy will share ideas (and occasionally free downloads) on everything from decor and food to costumes and party packs on a different theme.

  1. #PartyWithMe B -My one and only daughter turns 1!! We struggled to get our last born and as a dad I’m over the moon , nothing would make this dad more happy to win this once in a lifetime opportunity for my sweet girl Keshni 10 months old to show her dadda is her number one fan ☺ she turns 1 September 2017 , its a girl , Alice in wonderland is fitting coz she is my princess ☺

  2. #PartyWithMe and B
    Taegan Stevens
    August 2018
    Age will be then is 4
    Area Southfield Cape town

  3. #PartyWithMe B
    Tyler Morland, 1 years old, will be turning 2 years old next year the 15th of July 2018.

  4. #PartyWithMe I absolutely love this theme, it’s my daughter through and through. I would Love her to experience a party this mad. She turns 7 on the 6th September. Her name is Aislin

  5. My daughter is Fatimah Cassiem. It will be her 10th Birthday on the 10th October 2017. Awesome theme!

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