Let’s Party with Berry & Flambé Southern Suburbs

Let’s Party with Cindy is BACK!! We have been super busy behind the scenes organising the most exciting project EVER! We have teamed up with Berry & Flambé Southern Suburbs to help YOU design your dream themed party! You can also win gorgeous themed cakes and even a full birthday party for your little one in 2017 / 2018!

Berry & Flambé Southern Suburbs pink-carnival

BUT, before I get into the details of this post and tell you about Berry & Flambé Southern Suburbs, let’s imagine something together shall we? You’re sitting drinking your coffee when suddenly you’re slapped in the brain space with a realisation. That’s right, even though it feels like just yesterday since the last one, it’s actually almost time to celebrate your little person’s birthday again.

The fact that they have told you about eleventy billion times which theme they want, hasn’t been enough to keep it front of mind.  And now, as the time is drawing nearer and nearer, they’re begging you for a party to remember. After much discussion, you’ve finally narrowed it down to a theme you can both agree on and…

You have no idea where to start.

So let us help you.

Berry & Flambé Southern Suburbs fairy-garden

As you know, I write the “Let’s Party With Cindy” column on Tums 2 Tots Online. Why?  Well, putting on themed parties is really one of my most favourite things to do. In fact, if I could give up my day job and do it full time, I would. I love being able to create a wonderful memory for my kids to look back on as they grow up.

And girl, I know! I know all too well that throwing a party means hours and hours of prep, baking and planning. But it doesn’t have to… I’ve recently realised that I actually don’t have to do everything myself in order to have an awesome party.  Yes, it’s important to keep the things that are important to you, but for the love of all that is good in the world, outsource the rest.

Berry & Flambé Southern Suburbs magic

I’ve used Berry and Flambé Southern Suburbs to help me with some of the decor and baking for our parties and they have been awesome! Mellissa is wonderful, patient and just as in love with throwing cool parties as I am. Which is amazing, because if you’re like me, you are also messaging her every 5 minutes with a new idea or the exact colours you want the smarties to be. I’m not even joking.

Berry & Flambé Southern Suburbs is a reliable party planning company that produces superior quality party decor and rentals in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town. All party items are designed with your input, and created from scratch at the Berry & Flambé factory and concept store in Cape Town. They supply everything from original themed party decor to the food to a full soft-play set and jumping castle.

Berry & Flambé Southern Suburbs logoEnough talking Cindy, how can you help me?

Well, Tums 2 Tots in partnership with Berry and Flambé Southern Suburbs and 3 Kids, 2 Dogs and 1 Old House want to help you throw the most awesome party for your precious human.

Berry & Flambé Southern Suburbs super-heroes


You send in your awesome original dream party theme idea by completing the form below – be CREATIVE, think outside of the box, make it magical!

We sift through all the entries and choose the three most interesting ideas.

Mellissa and I will plan your party for you right here on Let’s Party with Cindy! We will come up with ideas for a cake, party food, decor, party packs AND jumping castles and soft play set up. We will do it all for you! 

PLUS the 3 of you who submit the winning themes will each win a voucher for the cake of their chosen theme delivered to their door for their child’s birthday!

Over three months, we will share our in depth posts on each party theme. You will literally be able to create the magic by following the ideas we share!

In August, we will do a round up of the 3 parties and you will have a month to VOTE for the party you would love to win!

A winner based in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town will WIN an entire themed party.

The party includes a cake, decor, party food, party packs, a jumping castle and soft-play set up for 15 children!!

Terms and conditions

  • To qualify for the first round “theme” winners, you need to be in Cape Town and surrounds for the cake to be delivered to you.
  • To qualify for the FULL PRIZE you need to be in the Cape Town Southern Suburbs.
  • The FULL Prize party needs to happen within September 2017 to July 2018


    •  SHARE this article to social media with the easy share buttons on your left
    •  TELL US your child’s birth date in the comments below
    • TELL US your dream theme in the comments below
    • COMPLETE THE FORM below in order to complete your entry.
    • EXTRA ENTRY – COMMENT #LETSPARTYBFSS on the pinned Facebook post!

You will be immediately disqualified if you complete the form more than once.
We will immediately disqualify you and bar you from entering any Tums 2 Tots Online giveaways for 2 months if you have NOT completed the required steps.

Please be sure to read our competition terms and conditions.

Good luck everybody!!

Make sure you are following us on social media so that you don’t miss the announcement!

Cindy Alfino

Cindy is a happily married mom of 3 little humans, Kyla (6), Riya-Ray (5) & Knox (3). She has her own business, and is the always-funny voice behind Best Parenting Blog of 2015, 3 Kids, 2 Dogs and 1 Old House! Being a mom of 3 means she gets to indulge in one of her favourite pastimes - planning awesome themed parties. Every month Cindy's column Let's Party with Cindy will share ideas (and occasionally free downloads) on everything from decor and food to costumes and party packs on a different theme.


    I would love to win this for my son Connor Jo, he would love to have a Smurf party. It would be perfect as his birthday is in November 2017.

  2. #PartyWithMe and B
    Child:Taegan Stevens
    Dob: 25 Aug 2014
    Age: 2
    Will be turning 4 Aug 2018 for this party

  3. My daughters birth date is 22/08/2014 and my sons is 30/04/2008.

    My dream party for each of them is something colorful, bright with enough activities to keep the kids occupied and talking about the party long after.

  4. My son will be 1 on 16 March 2018, his name is Raziq.

    My dream party for him would be a batman theme, or something very classy and baby like.

  5. OMW! I would love to give my son Duke a Hey Duggee themed birthday party for his 3rd birthday on 19 September 2017. He is absolutely besotted with the little “squirrels” and always “woof-ing” along with Duggee.

    It would be great to have and outraged cake of the house Duggee lives in. A balloon artist to make the “Squirrels”. cupcakes of different kinds. Bright colours everywhere.

    Hey Duggee games, colouring in, Face Painting, masks, dress up. OMG! I am getting out of control!!

  6. My daughter will be 3 on 22 September. She absolutely loves Trolls, so if I was to win I would love that to b the theme of her party

  7. Palm Springs kitsch and cool for my soon to be 10 year old girl. Flamingos, Palm leaves and pineapples, quirky and fun. Her birthday is the 19th of November

  8. Good day to all involved in this amazing competition! My pride and joy, my son Muhammad Armien will be turning 3 years old on 23 July 2017.

    I tried to come up with something as original as possible for a suitable theme but I also wanted him to be familiar with the theme as it is his day afterall. I have decided to combine his two most favourite things currently. He is crazy about bananas honestly he could live off bananas every day if I let him and coincidently finds monkeys very fascinating and funny.

    So I thought of combining these and came up with a “let’s go bananas with monkey and friends!” theme. with monkeys being the focal point and other jungle animals as the friends/ sidekicks. Jungle backdrop would be great there’s so much to get creative with ito colour scheme and add ons. For a three year old little boy, this would be a magical experience. Holding thumbs team!

    Kind regards

  9. My daughter was born on 9 October 2015. This year she turns 2. This girl is obsessed with water & fish. I think an under the sea themed mermaid party will be perfect. I’m getting excited already. So much ideas, but I guess I’ll leave it to the pro’s.

  10. My daughter Zahrah turns one on July 15th and I have been dreaming of her special party the moment I found out she was on her way.

    Her theme is boho chic – think dreamcatchers, teepee tents, feathers, aztec arrow and flowers with lots of pastel colours.

    I wanted the theme to represent life in general, being a free spirit, a wildflower. Far too often kids are told that their personality is too tough, too naughty, too noisy. They are always being tamed. I want my little one to know that I will celebrate her and her personality she grows older.

  11. My son is celebrating his 1st birthday on the 29th October 2017.

    The theme is have in mind is Royalty. 👑👑 a gold and royal blue candy table with a 4 tier cake with a huge golden crown ontop. Black drippings and a royal themed board behind the candy table with his birth details for the photos. List of ideas are endless.

  12. Entered and fingers xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I would so love to win for my son’s first party.


    DOB 10 October 2007
    Crown Birthday 10 October 2017

    Bella and the Enchanted Forest.
    A magical party, with glitter balls, a magician (perhaps), in an enchanted forest setup.
    Would really love to win for my Princess ❤❤❤


  15. My 7 going on 17 (I lie, he’s 8 this year) says Aunty Cindy must please make a Harry Potter theme one for him so mommy can get ideas. I think he doesn’t think I can do it hahahaha. So that’s our entry.
    Fysh > turning 8 > Harry Potter (he’s in Slytherin btw)

  16. My dream theme for my daughter would be a magical enchanting forest theme. Very pretty and full of wonder! Not character specific but more of a tea party. Thanks!

  17. My son is Nahum birthday 11 September turning 3 in 2017 he loves nature and exploring when we go on nature walks so a forest theme would be great. My daughter Isabella will be 9 on 8 December 2017 she wants Spa day party. #LETSPARTYBFSS

  18. Pink and Gold Mythical Creatures Theme. Think mermaid, unicorn, trolls, Pegasus, fairies,erlkings etc. my little girl will turn 2 on 12 July 2017. We live in Kreupelbosch, southern suburbs. Would love to celebrate her birthday with a magical theme. X

  19. 28th January
    Rainbow and unicorn theme because she is my rainbow baby (baby after my miscarriage in Dec 2014)

  20. Awesome competition. I think my party theme is a very diffret kind of them that most birthday parties. My special needs son has never had a birthday party & most his guests with has special needs varying from Down Syndrome, Autism to a rare disease. Would love to win & throw his first ever party with a bang

  21. Muhammed Laeeq and Ayoub (Ages 3 and 1). I was originally planning to do one big get together for their birthdays as they are a month apart😊

    My theme would be an alphabet party where all the guests would be dressed according to the first letter of their name. So if your name starts with F you could dress as a fish, but using Sesame Street as the major theme,so the birthday boys/parents and decor would be done as per the characters in Sesame Street. Thus making the birthday a colourful and educational experience for everyone

  22. My son’s birthday is on the 11th of March and he was born in 2013. He is obsessed with transformers at the moment so this would be his theme of choice – Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and RC

  23. My daughter’s birth date is 20 December 2016.

    Her dream party would be a pamper party. Aisha loves being pampered, she is always pretending to do your hair and nails.

    Her dream party would have biscuits in the shape of the band that closes your eyes.
    2 layered cake with marzipan figures in the shape of eye make up, nail polish, hair brush.
    She will have someone come pamper the girls for the day, whether she is doing their hair, nails or relaxing their feet in water. I know she will love that.
    Snacks would be: water, popcorn, macaroons, appletizers and some fresh fruit.

  24. My son’s birth date is the 15th of July 2016. My theme would be Winnie The Pooh, he loves looking at the characters and is going to be a big fan.

  25. My youngest son’s birthday is on 21 August and I have struggled with finding a theme that I can DIY and get great ideas for easily. For Ethan’s next birthday, I would somehow love to combine his love for the beach and fast cars for his 3rd birthday. No pressure 🙂

  26. Beth is turning 6 on 5 June and she would love a Seasons Party ! Her birthday is in winter and she’d love to have all the summerish decor and food ideas. That evolved to a Seasons Party . She always chooses her own theme and we run with it. Her 4th birthday was a Christmas party ! 😂

  27. Berry & Flambe has given my daughter the best 3rd birthday ever. Such professional and high quality treats. My first and best party events company!!

  28. My son’s name is Yusha & he will be 2 on July 3rd 2017.
    He is my Winter baby so we always struggle to plan parties and find suitable venues.
    Im really wishing we could do a ‘camping theme’ party. He loves the outdoors & jumping in muddy puddles. I envision smores, a hot chocolate station, camping games, little rucksack favours, lots of plaid & my little man looking like a little lumber jack!
    Please help me make this day amazing!

  29. My daughter’s 7th birthday is on 20 June, so we always struggle with creative birthday ideas that are not outdoors/weather dependant for my winter baby! This year she is learning to read and is all in love with the idea of a “book-themed” party for 2017 – maybe she’s going to be a wordsmith like her mama?! Would love your help in bringing this magical idea to life.

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