Let’s Party like a Superhero

Hi I’m Cindy, and I’m back with another awesome party theme to share. Being a mom of 3 means I get to indulge in one of my favourite pastimes – planning awesome themed parties! The benefit of having two girls (Kyla 6 and Riya 5) and a boy (Knox 3), is that we get to plan across a wide range of themes. Every month, Let’s party with Cindy will give you great ideas on everything from decor and food to costumes and party packs on a different theme. With the latest Captain America out, I’m sure your kids will be focusing again on all the Superheroes! Well, lookey what we have here, the perfect theme just for you – Let’s party like a Superhero!

Superhero Alfino family

1. Why this theme?
I’m all about giving my kids parties with themes of the things that they love, unless it’s Frozen of course. I just can’t. Anyway, since Knox was 1 he’s been obsessed with all things Superhero and since we share a birthday and I have watched every superhero movie in the last uh, 15 years, it just made sense. It’s such a versatile theme and really gets everyone involved – especially if you make them dress up!

Superhero cindy and Knox

2. Decor
We had the party at our house and kept the decor minimal inside with the “BANG”, “BOOM”, “SMASH” bunting. However the food table became a lot of the decor, while outside we set up an amazing Superhero obstacle course. Plus everyone being dressed up as any superhero character of their choice, it almost negated the need to have too much decor – everyone was the decor!

Superhero table set up

Superhero other side table setup

Superhero guests

3. Cake
We are all about making our own cake. Which is fine right? Baking it is pretty easy, I take care of that like a boss. But sculpting it into something that resembles something awesome? Not really my forte. Thankfully my husband is a sculpting master and turned our double oven tray cake into Ironman’s head! He even set up eyes that could light up with little torches. It was a huge hit which (if you’re looking to replicate something similar) most well-established bakers could provide you with.

Superhero cake

4. Food
I really wanted to go all out for the food and make it all very themed, mostly just because it’s so much fun! We made Thor’s hammers with cheese and pretzels, Supermans kryptonite, various superhero jellies, Captain America’s shield (made with strawberries, blue berries and cream), Hulk milk tarts (with food colouring and Oreos) and cupcakes that matched the main cake.

Superhero themed food

5. Activities
Usually we default to a jumping castle, but that’s a little bit boring for a superhero party! So we used the soft playground from SoftlyDoesIt and set up a Superhero Obstacle Course for the kids to navigate through. They loved pretending to be walking over hot lava, sliding through manholes and climbing carefully through lazer beams.

Superhero obstacle course

Then we couldn’t get them off it for the rest of the party!

6. Party packs / take homes
Our little Superheroes had to work for their party packs. Thor (also known as my husband, Seth) had stolen them and their mission was to catch and overpower him in order to claim their prize.

Superhero Seth and cindy

As much as possible I like to give non-edible things in the party packs because they eat enough at the party and it’s really nice to have a little momento to take home. onique from Forget Me Not Crafts makes the most amazing things! For the “party pack” she made some incredible little finger puppets in the shape of all of our favourite superheroes. We still play with ours regularly and have little battles on the couch.

Superhero fingerpuppet collage

Have you ever had a party with this theme? What did you do differently?

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Do you have a party theme in mind and you just can’t think of how to bring it all together? Drop us a mail on editor@tums2totsonline.co.za  with the subject line “Let’s Party with Cindy”.

*You can learn more about Cindy here.

Cindy Alfino

Cindy is a happily married mom of 3 little humans, Kyla (6), Riya-Ray (5) & Knox (3). She has her own business, and is the always-funny voice behind Best Parenting Blog of 2015, 3 Kids, 2 Dogs and 1 Old House! Being a mom of 3 means she gets to indulge in one of her favourite pastimes - planning awesome themed parties. Every month Cindy's column Let's Party with Cindy will share ideas (and occasionally free downloads) on everything from decor and food to costumes and party packs on a different theme.

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