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Welcome back to Things we Love with Mandy! Maybe it is the weather, or I am just incredibly blessed this month… But I am LOVING all the bedding I have been sent for review! This week I am sharing my love of Lifson Products! Lifson Products SM

Have you ever really thought about your bedding? I hadn’t until recently. I’m a person who spends a lot of time on and in my bed (working from home has its perks, especially in Winter). I also have a toddler who sleeps in her own bed (finally!!! It does happen mommies!) So when Lifson Products reached out to me to share some information on bedding and ask if we wanted to review their Fine Fibre duvets, I was instantly intrigued.

How much is there to know about bedding anyway? Before I move on to reviewing the Lifson Fine Fibre duvets… I feel like I have to share some things I have learnt from the Lifson Products team!

One of hubby and my first couple purchases was a high quality double down duvet set many many (about 8 or 9) years ago. It was crazy expensive even then, but we are people that LOVE our sleep and investing in quality before you have kids is much easier. There are a few things I had no idea I even needed to think about back then… For example…

Did you know that there is a European Down and Feather Association? Yup.

Lifson Products in-content

Ummmm… what now?! But when you think about it, you spend at least a third of your life in bed, snuggled and huddled into your bedding… Making sure the feathers in your bedding are sterilized, cleaned and processed properly SHOULD be carefully monitored.

And another one… Lifson down and feather products all have unique tracking numbers. Why would you need your bedding filler to be traceable? But if you are a person who cares about animals and the environment, being able to trace where exactly your duvet filler is from – down to the country AND farm of origin – means a lot.

Lifson Products 2 in-content

I had never thought of this at all! Of course it matters to me that animals aren’t harmed to source the materials that make up my bedding! And it makes me feel a little better about the world to know that no excess damage was done to the environment on my behalf.

As mentioned, I received two Lifson Fine Fibre duvets to review. I got the queen for my bed and the single for Charly. Bedding for Charly has always been a bit of a nightmare. Since she was a tiny baby, she has hated being covered by anything. Any kind of pressure or weight on her has always caused her to fight her way free. She only (reluctantly) started using duvets when she was co-sleeping with me last year. Because I, on the other hand, like to be covered at all times! Preferably tucked under my feet and up to (and often over) my nose.

Since she has been sleeping alone, I have had to continuously check on her throughout the night, because she always kicks off her blankets and ends up freezing. And half the time she would wake in the night crying and cold, because she couldn’t find her duvet. I am super happy to report that this hasn’t been a problem for the past few weeks that she has been using her Lifson Fine Fibre duvet. Which is just as well considering Cape Town was hit by a massive storm and some freezing winter weather soon after!

Lifson Products In content Charly

I attribute this to the fact that the Fine Fibre duvets are incredibly light, while generating gorgeous warmth. Charly LOVES her duvet and often sits under it playing in her bed…

I love, particularly for kids, that the Fine Fibre duvets are hypoallergenic AND protect against dust mites (a relatively common allergenic). The 100% cotton covers are downproof fabric, which house dust mites cannot penetrate. For somebody who spends as much time in and on beds as I do… Not having creepy little bugs in my bedding makes my heart happy!

You can also feel the quality. I love that the silky soft 100% cotton cover is quilted in a big diamond pattern. This stops the inners from clumping together and getting lumpy. It stays “fluffy” and full.

We have the Premium Fine Fibre variety, which keeps you incredibly warm. If you are a person who lives in a warmer climate (or you just get hot very easily), there is a Moderate option as well.

We are massive fans of Lifson Products. They are a South African family-owned and managed company, who has been operating since 1994. Lifson are passionate about exceptional quality bedding, the best service, ethically sourced materials and doing their part in looking after the environment.

You can find the Lifson Products factory outlet in Woodstock in Cape Town or you can shop through their website!

*We received two Lifson Products Fine Fibre Premium duvets to review. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

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Mandy Lee Miller

Mandy is married to her best friend, Brett, and they are first time parents to Charlotte Rose (Charly), born on 10 February 2014. Mandy is the Editor of Tums 2 Tots Online, Author of Pregnant in Cape Town & Ever After, creator and Director of #CarseatFullstop, active as a freelance writer, editor and brand consultant and co-owns women-only inspirational Facebook brand South African Sisterhood.

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