We are loving Sixth Floor from Superbalist!

There’s that joke about moms hiding treats in strange places so they don’t have to share… I got given a beautiful pristine white soft cotton duvet set from the Superbalist new Sixth Floor range, and I get it now… Hiding nice things from your family isn’t a joke!

Superbalist Sixth Floor open

 We are loving Sixth Floor from Superbalist!

Superbalist bedding charly snuggles

Let me rewind for a second. Some of you will know that I have multiple businesses that I run from home. I have Tums 2 Tots, #CarseatFullstop, Pregnant in Cape Town, South African Sisterhood, and a few others. Why is this important? Because it is mostly creative work, writing and sharing and editing and engaging. Everybody has a space where things just flow for them… A light-filled kitchen table, a personalised office, their favourite couch or your special spot at your local cafe… For me, it’s my bed. I work on or in my bed, I watch shows in my bed, I have snuggle popcorn movie parties with my little girl in my bed, I read, relax, listen to podcasts and dream in my bed. So my new Superbalist Sixth Floor bedding was a special treat!

I put my gorgeous new bedspread on to a brand new duvet. After her bath, Charly kept lying on it and snuggling into it like a kitten. It was so adorable. But part of my brain was seeing the future, where that adorable face rubbing the perfect white softness of my bedding, was covered in… well, whatever it is that toddlers always have all over them. And that’s when I officially decided that this wasn’t going to be a “family” duvet or cover.

Charly sleeping - Superbalist Sixth Floor bedding

I have never owned white bedding. White bedding has a strong association for me of my too-short-lived obsession with hotels. The ultimate in relaxation, cleanliness, quality and luxury. Definitely not something I ever thought I would have for myself, particularly not mommy-me or cat-mom-me or even married-to-a-man-me. I am far too practical for that. I couldn’t stand to see it destroyed with mystery dirt. So I was completely torn when Superbalist delivered the most perfect white 200 thread count cotton duvet with simple black piping.

I was torn for exactly as long as it took me to open the packaging and stroke it and have flashbacks of nights in gorgeous luxury accommodations in Zambia, New York City, Washington DC, Beverly Hills and, more recently, the dreamy Plantation in Port Elizabeth. Why shouldn’t I get to save the world from a beautiful crisp white bed?

I love that the whole creation of the in-house Sixth Floor range is as a response to the fact that Superbalist wanted to meet the needs of every budget. While a variety of beautiful luxury brands is available through their website, they recognised that not everybody could afford some of them. They took this and saw an opportunity to spoil moms like me, who may not have the budget to splurge on something special for themselves, with their gorgeous Sixth Floor range.

The Superbalist Sixth Floor bedding is absolutely gorgeous! I am sorely tempted to go buy myself another set, because these designs are just SO stunning!!

Superbalist Sixth Floor bedding range

But for now, I will continue to hide my secret hotel duvet and cover from my family and enjoy the luxury of it all by myself!

As an extra tip… There is a Superbalist app!!! If you download it from Android  or iOS, you get 25% off your first order!!!!

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Mandy Lee Miller

Mandy is married to her best friend, Brett, and they are first time parents to Charlotte Rose (Charly), born on 10 February 2014. Mandy is the Editor of Tums 2 Tots Online, Author of Pregnant in Cape Town & Ever After, creator and Director of #CarseatFullstop, active as a freelance writer, editor and brand consultant and co-owns women-only inspirational Facebook brand South African Sisterhood.


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