Magic Makers Fathers Day Edition

Magic Makers is back with more creativity as Africa celebrates Father’s Day on Sunday, 21 June.

The Magic Makers initiative, proudly brought by Boomerang to audiences all over the continent, is all about inspiring creativity to make those magical moments shine just a little brighter! The campaign, which kicked off on Mother’s Day, allows little ones to show off their wildest, craziest, and imaginative ideas to the Boomerang community.

Boomerang Africa’s Father’s Day Magic Makers, airing from Wednesday, 10 June, showcases kids from the Boomerang community sharing their great imaginations and cool ideas amongst each other in the form of a ‘video chat’. They share their unexpected ideas like what crazy invention they would want to build with their dad, or what their dad is the world champion of.


The fun is endless with crafts – available on – such as the Kingdom Force Bookmark, Scooby says “You’re The Coolest Pop”, Tom and Jerry Comic Card, and Happy Happo’s Toolbox to keep the little ones busy in preparing to celebrate dad.

For the Father’s Day Magic Makers campaign, Boomerang will also bring 10 influencers into the fold to help spread the message and crazy ideas to help make the day truly magical for fathers across the continent.


Father’s Day Crafts for the little ones to do:

Kingdom Force Bookmark Collection

Join the dots to reveal characters such like Luka, Jabari, TJ, Dalilah and Norvyn

Scooby says “You’re The Coolest Pop”

Scooby-Doo said it, so it must be true, your dad is the coolest pop! Pop being popsicle of course. But what kind of pop is your dad? Is he a funny pop? A serious pop? A busy pop? A handyman pop? Or a silly pop? Download all the different pops and choose the one, or many, that are most like your dad. Then Scooby can tell him before he takes a big lick of the popsicle.

Tom and Jerry Comic Card

Create your own comic card with 6 different Tom and Jerry characters and place them wherever you want! Simply download, cut out the different situations Tom and Jerry find themselves in. Then create your own story on the downloadable comic card that already has a punch line at the end – that was just puuuurrfect!. Have limitless fun with the endless possibilities of what this short card could say and give it to dad as a reminder of how your humour blossomed at such a young age.

Handy Happo’s Toolbox

Dad’s are always working so hard to fix things around the house. Now kids can help dad out with some help from Handy Happo! Kids cut out this special toolbox from Handy Happo to give to dad an extra hand with the hard housework on his special day.

Catch Magic Makers, from Monday, 10 June on Boomerang, DStv channel 302, and Boomerang Africa’s webpage for more and get ready to make magic every day, especially this Father’s Day!

Watch. Play. Laugh!

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