Making food fun

The best and probably easiest way to get children to eat healthy food is to introduce this to them the minute they are able to eat solid food.  Food preferences developed in the early years are reflected in food choices made in later childhood.

Kids are picky eaters so the sooner we start with variation the better success we may have.

At this stage of their lives you are their role model, so if they see you enjoying a variety of fruit and vegetables, the more likely they are to enjoy them.  As soon as they are old enough to join you at the dinner table, you can begin teaching them good eating habits and structured eating patterns. Be sure that they receive the same thing that you are eating. They are watching for your reaction so here is an opportunity to set them up to have healthy eating habits for life.  It is said that ‘we are what we eat!’

Many children eat with their eyes…the more appealing the food appears, the better chance you have of them eating it.  Making meal times exciting for your toddler will encourage them to try new foods.  The preparation does not need to be difficult; a little imagination is all it takes.

When shopping, involve your child especially in the fruit and vegetable section where they can recognize immediately what it is they are getting.   A variety of fruits cut up and placed on a kebab stick is colourful and appealing as well as fun to eat.

making food fun1 making food fun2

Make use of cutters which can be used to make an attractive sandwich or fruit shape.

making food fun3 making food fun4

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