MAM – Oral Care Kit – Baby’s 1st step to a teeth-cleaning routine

All children love the Easter holiday, especially because it involves baskets full of chocolate. Unfortunately, chocolate causes tooth decay, a common chronic childhood disease.

Therefore teaching your children and getting them into the habit of cleaning their teeth from a young age is of the utmost importance. MAM baby products have made this vital step just a little bit easier for you with their innovative Oral Care Set consisting of the Oral Care Rabbit and the Massaging brush.

MAM – Oral Care Rabbit

With the oral care rabbit, parents can easily clean baby’s gums and first teeth, as well as massage sensitive gums.

The oral care rabbit has soft microfiber material which is gentle on baby’s tender and sensitive gums. The oral care rabbit can easily be washed in the washing machine.

MAM – Massaging Brush

The Massaging Brush is an innovative oral hygiene product that lays the best foundations for a winning smile.

The Massaging Brush cleans and massages while ensuring that babies quickly forget all about teething.

The Massaging Brush gets in between every tooth while massaging exactly where it’s meant to.

The Massaging Brush has an extra-long handle for the parent and child to hold together.

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