McDonald’s brings a Happy Camp to kids countrywide

McDonald’s South Africa opened the doors to The Happy Camp, a holiday programme for kids that encourages all round well-being earlier in December at various shopping malls around the country.

The Happy Camp seeks to entertain in a fun way, at the same time educating, informing and advancing kids through learning.

The Happy Camp consists of different zones of entertainment:
– Zone 1 is a technology play that will stimulate and entertain
– Zone 2 holds activities that include movement and coordination that develops motor skills
– Zone 3 will have activities such as skipping, ball pit dives, wall-climbing and dance choreography. The kids will be taught Happy’s Boom Shakalaka and even get a moment in the spotlight to perform the dance on stage for their parents.

While the kids run around with joy and excitement, parents can also learn something and enjoy a special area called the Nutrition Zone for informative tips towards creating a healthier environment through key speakers, videos and samples.

“McDonald’s Happy Camp is devoted to providing developmental play for kids including sensory stimulation, cognitive training, nutritional games and motor skills activities. It is also a platform for parents to mingle with each other and learn more about child development from professional child health and fitness speakers,” explains Daniel Padiachy, Chief Marketing Director for McDonald’s South Africa.

Look out for the professional storyteller that will allow a fun question-and-answer session after story time in order to test listening and promote attentiveness.

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