Meet Valentino aka Little Pro V

How was your backswing when you were a toddler?

Little Pro VMeet Valentino, the boy who hits a golf ball better than most adults. This 4-year-old golfing sensation is destined to take the world by storm. Valentino, dubbed Little Pro V, started playing golf when he was only 18 months old. While other babies were learning to walk, Valentino was learning to swing.

Little Pro V is the youngest member ever to play in the South African Kids Golf Academy, having been accepted at the tender age of 3. Being even too young for a handicap, this golfing prodigy is destined to break world records.

The little golfer is also a lover of nature, music and has a rather cool fashion aesthetic. As you will see from his YouTube Channel, Little Pro V really can swing a golf club; his flowing backswing is beyond words for someone who only started golfing 3 years ago… and was born 1 year before that.



His parents Ricky and Shelby describe how Valentino started out with a toy set of plastic clubs. Soon he was refusing to continue using them until he received real golf clubs, with no experience at all. It became clear that Little Pro V was a natural at this sport. All the signs were showing at just 18 months.


Do yourself a favour and head to his Instagram account – it’s privately (obviously) so you’ll need be approved by his parents.

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