Milestones that get baby – and you – moving!

For parents, mobility milestones are kind of a double -edged sword. They are exciting but, at the same time, it’s exhausting to think of all the chasing around that lies in store.

Before the chase, baby has to learn how to stand on her own two feet. Between 8 and 10 months, your crawler is going to realise her biceps are good for pushing up off her knees. And soon after, her leg muscles will develop enough strength to bear weight on her feet. This will lead to some exciting milestones!

In my experience, this first most often occurs covertly in the cot… When we parents aren’t around to see it happen. The rungs are just the right size for tiny hands to grip onto. And the railing is just the right height to lean against.

I’ll never forget the day when I walked in on my cutie in her room, standing and staring at me nonchalantly like her new stance was no biggie. Just don’t forget to adjust your crib mattress to the lowest possible notch! So your little one doesn’t topple out while practicing her handy new skill behind your back.

Milestones - cover

The sofa was also the perfect height for my baby to take a stand. This led to the most innocent embodiment of the term “cruising”… When she learned to walk by leaning up against furniture in our home. Remember each baby is unique and will reach milestones at her own pace.

It won’t be long before baby will adjust to her new life in the upright position and be full-on ready for take-off.

Writen by Viv Schaffel on behalf of Fisher-Price. Viv is a freelance journalist and writer for CBS Watch!, The New York Times, Working Mother and The New York Post.
Note: Parenting advice is given as a suggestion only. Fisher-Price recommends you also consult your healthcare provider.




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