The mom guide to 10 minute date night makeup

Welcome to Mom Moments with Megan Kelly. As a busy mom myself, I have slowly been building up a stash of tips, tricks and ideas of how to make the most of those sparse but special mom moments. In Mom Moments I will be sharing my favourite of these with you, because as a mom – you DESERVE to take a few moments just for you! With Valentine’s Day just ahead, I thought we could start with 10 minute date night makeup.

By some sort of miracle, you’ve managed to find a babysitter, the kids aren’t all ill and your significant other doesn’t have to work late, you’ve even found a dress that doesn’t smell like sour milk! It is a mom’s perfect recipe to a date night, with barely any notice, a toddler on the go and dinner in the oven, is there really any time for makeup? Of course there is! Date Night makeup can be quck and easy when you know how…

There’s no need (or time) to cover your entire face in foundation but if you’re feeling conscious over the idea that you haven’t had much sleep in the last… 2 years, then save time and opt for just a dab of concealer. Concealers are great for hiding the bags and dark circles sitting under your eyes and neutralizing any red blotches, pimples or blemishes – a must have for date night makeup.

2 Date Night Makeup CONCEAL

We recommend: Catrice Cosmetics Liquid Camouflage – R62

Date Night Makeup Catrice_Liquid_Camouflage

Rosy cheeks are the key to a natural fresh look and without the kids around, you may seem a little paler than usual. Achieving glowy cheeks just takes a touch of cream blush, applied with your fingertips. We know that at first sight, it can seem overwhelmingly PINK, but don’t worry as the formula warms to your cheeks and settles, it will leave you with a soft pink dewy flush. If you’re really short on time, cream blush has the right consistency to double up as a lip tint or visa-versa with a bright pink lip-balm.

3 Date Night Makeup DEWY CHEEKS (2)

3 Date Night Makeup DEWY CHEEKS (1)

We recommend: Essence Soo Blush! – R54, Woolworths Make Me Blush – R50

Date Night Makeup Essence_Soo_Blush

Date night makeup make me blush

Defined brows can change the entire shape of your face and make your features pop, but trying to draw individual hairs without making your brows look like a toddler got hold of a sharpie, requires a bit of time. Luckily, there are brow products for those of us who do not have the know-how or time. Much like a mini-mascara, brow gels are a 2-in-1 that define the brow by brushing all the tiny hairs into place, holding them there and filling any sparse areas. The wands are generally quite small so that they can grab onto even the smallest of hairs and gather them into place for natural looking neat brows for a perfect date night makeup look.

4 Date Night Makeup DEFINE BROW (1)

4 Date Night Makeup DEFINE BROW (2)

We recommend: Benefit Gimme Brows – R295, Essence Make Me Brow – R38

Date Night Makeup Benefit_Gimme_Brow

Date Night Makeup Essence_Make_Me_Brow

Whether you’d like smokey or subtle shimmer eye makeup, you don’t need an entire case of makeup. In fact, all you really need is a swipe of an eyeshadow stick and the warmth of your finger tips to blend the colours out. Eyeshadow sticks are exceptionally versatile, offer incredible pigment, longevity and are easy to use but the best part is the variety of colours they come in. Don’t be scared to play around and try a new colour every day – it doesn’t even have to be date night makeup.

5 Date Night Makeup EYESHADOW STICKS (2)

5 Date Night Makeup EYESHADOW STICKS (3)

5 Date Night Makeup EYESHADOW STICKS (1)

We recommend: Rimmel Scandal Eyes Shadow Stick – R70

Date Night Makeup Rimmel_Scandal_Eyes_Sticks

Curling your lashes is enough to make your eyes seem wider and brighter during the day, but for special date night makeup, there’s no denying what voluminous lashes can do for your makeup look. Skip out on the time consuming cat-eye and opt for a quick swipe of mascara that will work together with your defined brows and make the colour of your eyeshadow pop, drawing all the attention to your gorgeous eyes.

6 Date Night Makeup LASHES (1)

6 Date Night Makeup LASHES (2)

We recommend: Revlon Ultra Volume Mascara – R149

Date Night Makeup Revlon_Ultra_Volume_Mascara

You may have already tinted your lips whilst doing your cheeks, if that’s the case, skip this step. Otherwise, try something new and opt for a bright matte pink or red lipstick. Matte lipsticks tend to wear better even when you’re eating or sipping on a glass of wine, they also offer high pigment that will complete your entire look and although it may have only taken 10 minutes, you will appear polished and ready for a night out with your loved one.

7 Date Night Makeup BRIGHT LIPS

We recommend: Catrice Ultimate Colour Lipstick – R36

Date Night Makeup Catrice_Ultimate_Colour_LipstickSpritz some perfume and you’re ready to go! If you’re running short on time and only have 5 minutes to spare, don’t worry, we’ve mastered our 3 product method which includes concealer, cream blush (cheeks and lips) and mascara. Voila!


What is your favourite thing to do in your quiet mom moments? Is there anything you would like Megan Kelly to share or write about? Send us a mail to with the subject Mom Moments with Megan Kelly.

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Megan is a WAHM to the adorable Axl, and married to the love of her life, Darren, for the last 3 years. During the day, she spends her time juggling the demands of a toddler, while documenting her life and passion for all things beauty, on her personal blog - By Megan Kelly. At night, she takes to the phones of an American based company and plans and coordinates children’s gaming parties. She owes her success to a caffeine, chocolate and undeniable makeup addiction.

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