Moms believe a dry sheet means a dry nappy

Pampers South Africa recently conducted an independent survey with moms and one of the questions was around changing your little ones nappy. The survey revealed that 77% of moms strongly believe that a dry bed sheet means that the nappy is still dry.

545 interviews were undertaken over four days at the Mama Magic expo in Johannesburg. These were followed up with a further 123 more in-depth interviews online.

Dr Avela Mayekiso a Dermatologist and Pampers institute expert explains that “a dry bed sheet does not equate to a dry nappy. Parents need to be alert when it comes to their baby’s nappy change time as it needs to be done promptly so as to avoid their from skin getting irritated and the prevention of nappy rash.”

Mayekiso continues, “With the innovation that technology allows, nappies are becoming more and more capable of keeping your baby dry and not leaking on to the sheets. Parents need to find a way to identify whether their little one needs to be changed without relying on a wet sheet. If the brand of nappy that your little one uses does not have a wetness indicator here are a few tips on how to know that your baby needs to be changed.”

  • Pull the nappy open at the waistband and check that all’s clean and dry. Wet nappies might feel heavy, and you’ll probably be able to smell the urine when you pull open the front of the diaper. Poopy diapers will be obvious.
  • Check a baby or toddler’s nappy both before and after naptime and after feedings.
  • Always change the nappy if it’s wet. Babies can get uncomfortable (and fussy!) if a nappy is wet.
  • The saggy appearance of a nappy is also an indicator that your little one needs a change

This survey was part of the “happy sunshine mornings” campaign that Pampers recently launched. The campaign is aimed at getting moms to try the new Pampers unisex pants range. The unisex pants were created to fulfil a need in the market – to give moms Pampers’ trusted dryness in easy to change pants.

Over the years Pampers has been at the forefront of providing the best nappy technology, developed in collaboration with experts and insight from new parents.

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