Motherhood – A journey best suited for the brave

Motherhood. A word that conjures up images of bouncing, laughing babies that are seen but never heard (except when laughing of course!).

The very ideal for many young woman post-marriage, it is perceived to bring pure joy and contentment. But does it? Is it all that our mothers or mother-in-laws, or, married friends, or, older siblings, or, close colleagues would have us believe? “Little Johnny has just begun to eat solids!” gushes Suzy as she passes round the cellphone pics of her little one for all the office folk to admire. One by one each colleague finds a unique quality to comment on: “Oh how cute those hands!” “Look at that little smile!” “Why, he has your eyes!”

The end of this show-and-tell is marked by a huge sigh from Suzy as she recalls how much she misses her Johnny and how absolutely darling he is every moment of every day. Okay, this is an exaggerated scenario but think carefully of your own circle of friends who have babies. How many reveal the mental, physical and emotional demands of motherhood? Its all baby showers, and a night feeding here and there but the focus is always on how miraculous, gorgeous and special darling Johnny is.

And yes, Johnny is a miracle. The pure science of a human being created within another human being only to venture forth into the world to become as complex as the rest of us, is astounding. And all this happens over a few short years. The very essence of Johnny is unique – an amalgamation of genes passed down over the centuries will mean that Johnny is both apart of his parents and not. It’s amazing and beautiful.

However, being the person who not only brings Johnny into the world but often is his primary caregiver is not an easy job. It can sometimes feel like you’re at war. Fighting with an unknown entity that seeks to suck out the very life force you have within you, thus ruining the precious time you have with your darling babe. This unknown entity can take many forms: reflux/colic, constipation, fluey baby, teething, nappy rash, cold baby, hot baby, gas (yes you heard me!) etc etc etc.

The truth is that motherhood, with all its trials and tribulations, falls squarely within the domain of the brave. And, for those of you that are new to the esteemed *profession (*its a job and let no one tell you otherwise), I hope my experiences help you on your path as we seek the “Pampers ad”  ideal with each step we take.

Kamantha Müller

Kamantha Müller

Kamantha is a working mum, wife, PR specialist and proudly South African. She has three pet peeves - 1. Rudeness of any kind and under any circumstances; 2. Micro-managers; and 3. Arb Facebook posts - I don't care that you're drinking coffee at Tashas. As a first time mum she has lived through the ups and downs of motherhood only to come out the other end a wee bit wiser. For this reason, she wishes to share the reality of motherhood and how she would advise preparing for it.

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