Mothers Day – Do you understand the value you provide to your family?

Mothers, always there to bandage wounds, kiss the hurt better and make the world alright again, the stalwart builders of the nation. That’s why once a year there is a day set apart to honour these women as the caregivers who influence so many aspects of family life.

However the work of mothers should not be celebrated just once a year, but every day as a mother is a one-woman concierge, chauffeur, cleaner, tutor, cook, and so much more. In fact the 2012 census shows that the role of the stereotypical stay-at-home mom is changing as 15% of South African households reported that the woman in the household brings in more money than her male counterpart.

This means that now a mother is worth so much more than the physical or emotional support that she offers, she is now also worth an actual income every month, an income that families would be hard-pressed to replace should anything happen to her.

And yet many families are rolling the dice by failing to get adequate life, dread disease or disability insurance. Considering the irreplaceable role a mother plays in her children’s upbringing, wouldn’t the best idea this Mothers’ Day be her peace of mind by guaranteeing that if she was no longer around, her family would still be financially secure? Because after all, a mother’s biggest concern  in life is the future and security of her family.

The problem is that many households assume that the main breadwinner (stereotypically the father or male figure) should first and foremost be covered in the event that they die or are unable to work. While this is true, a woman who contributes financially or even heads up a household should also be insured in case something were to happen.

The cost of replacing a mom is more than most families could ever afford, emotionally, physically and mentally. Questions mothers should consider when it comes to ascertaining the need for insurance include:

  • What would happen to my children if I could no longer care for them due to an disabling accident, disease or death?
  • Who would look after them?
  • Would they still have a good education?
  • Do I have a will in place to account for their wishes?
  • Will there be a stable financial foundation to ensure they can live the life I intended for them?

This Mother’s Day, give yourself the gift of peace of mind and then go and spend the day with your family and appreciate every second spent with them, knowing that if you weren’t around, the lifestyle that they have become accustomed to, would never be taken away from them.

Motherhood can be tough, but it can also be the most wonderful time in your life. While other life experiences may bring you joy or fulfilment, being a mother will change your life. As your children learn and grow, the right cover will provide you the assurance of knowing that no matter the circumstance, you will ensure a brighter future for them, so they will always be protected and financially free – and isn’t that life changing?

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