Movement for babies’ essential development

Some moms tend to think that encouraging baby’s movement should only happen only after 3 months, which is not the case. Movement is an important element in a baby’s development phase, it is not only for the physical body but it’s necessary for developing healthy brains and minds.

Meg Faure, an occupational therapist and Pampers Institute expert, strongly recommends that mothers should start introducing babies to movement as early as possible to aid in their development.

Tips to introduce movement to baby

Start Small
Slowly introduce your baby to one exercise at time, let them master one movement and then introduce another. We don’t want to strain the baby.

Tummy Time
Tummy time is a good way to begin encouraging baby’s gross motor skills. A few minutes, regularly through the day, should be adequate. I advise that parents change the scenery to make it fun for the baby.

Head Lift
Head lifts are important as they help the baby to strengthen the muscles at the back of the neck and it’s also a good practice to help the baby to move their head and see different side views.

Rolling Over
Rolling over is challenging for many babies, as they lose control when they get stuck in one position. I’d advise moms and dads to get involved to help the baby understand the motion better.

Reach and  Grasping
Reaching and grasping movements are essential because they help the baby to explore their environment. The ‘reach’ movement helps them to extend and exercise their hands while grasping gives them knowledge about the different textures.

This is a fun movement for both parents and baby. Clapping teaches the baby to develop rhythm and understand different levels of sounds.

While they learn different movements in each of their milestones, babies need to be comfortable and wear well-fitted and functional nappies. The Pampers Premium Care nappies offer the comfort they need with its soft like cotton nappies that provide 5 star skin protection. Movement is important for baby growth and development. With the right nappy, babies will enjoy moving around.

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