Mysmartkid generously donates textbooks

Following the success of Home from Home’s pilot tutoring program, Mysmartkid has donated a selection of Pearson ‘Smart Kid’ books to help ensure a bright future – for both the children involved, and the fledgling program.

Mysmartkid’s relationship with Home from Home began towards the end of 2014, when they donated more than 70 educational toys and tools to the Home from Home Crèche in Khayelitsha. While these educational toys have proven to be an invaluable resource to the young children in the crèche, the school-going children in their network of foster homes have shown a need for additional academic support. In order to further assist these children, Home from Home has recently implemented a pilot one-on-one tutoring project in their Khayelitsha homes.

Hearing of this project, Mysmartkid was keen to take their relationship with Home from Home forward and was excited to contribute towards the success of this pilot. Says Adrian Kaplan, Head of Marketing for Mysmartkid, “When we heard of the tutoring project, we were eager to help in any way we could. When Home from Home mentioned that they needed textbooks for their lessons, we knew we were able to support. We are so pleased to hear that they have been valuable for both the tutors and children.”

As part of this program, each child receives one hour of tutoring twice a week in their respective foster homes, in addition to extra Maths and literacy lessons on Mondays and Wednesdays. Pippa Shaper, Development Director of Home from Home, comments on the donation from Mysmartkid, “While each child has received a tutoring pack with stationery, timetables and a logbook, Mysmartkid’s donation of Pearson ‘Smart Kid’ books are absolutely invaluable. Our tutors have found them to be a practical tool to use when working through the CAPS curriculum, and the children are thrilled and so proud to have their own books.”

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