Natripure FA50 Nimbus Air Purifier: Review

As an asthma sufferer myself, I was eager to put the Natripure Nimbus to the test and see what everyone was raving about.

Firstly, the compact size of the Nimbus unit is great. It is a small, compact unit and therefore does not clutter a room or get in ones way. As a result of its compact size, it is portable and can easily be packed and taken on a night away or family holiday. Easy to slip into a handbag or over night bag.

The unit is completely quiet and therefore can be left on while sleeping without waking or disturbing anyone else. The Nimbus unit can also be used in a room up to 30 square meters. It is a very simple unit to use and one does not need to be technically minded to work this gadget. Simple plug the unit in and turn the dial to the on position. A blue light will appear to indicate that the unit is on. The output of ozone can also be adjusted by turning it clockwise.

The Natripure Nimbus unit is marketed as reducing pollen, fungus and spores that aggravate asthma, and wow does this compact, little gadget work wonders. Gone are the nights of waking up and struggling to breathe, or sleeping with the asthma pump under the pillow. It has also greatly cleared up my dreadful allergies and no longer do u rely on antihistamines, I now rely on my fabulous new Natripure Nimbus FA50.

I can honestly say that the Natripure Nimbus FA50 has improved my daily live substantially.

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