This is not ok

You guys may be sick of my #CarseatFullstop campaign. You’re probably sick of seeing articles all over all the parenting blogs. You may be sick of seeing my name or my face or hearing me on the radio. Fair warning, I am going to be in a few print magazines in November as well. Although the campaign ends at the end of September, I don’t think it is ever going to end with me. And THIS is why. THIS is NOT ok!!

One of my team shared this link with me. I am devastated. I’m heartbroken. I am furious. I feel SO guilty! What have I done wrong that even though everybody is SICK of seeing me and the campaign and reading about statistics and car seat safety and heart wrenching stories of loss, that I couldn’t reach these parents? A little boy, a baby, only 4 years old, went straight through a windscreen. Because, instead of him being strapped safely into a car seat, he was sitting on his mother’s lap in the back seat of the car. This is not ok.

Crash Dynamics - this is not ok

In case you can’t read that image… At the moment of impact, when you smash into another car or another car smashes into you, or your brakes fail, or the other driver is drunk or distracted, at THAT moment. Your brand new baby, that teeny tiny bundle that weighs a perfect 3.2kgs as you leave the hospital, or your beautiful spirited 4 year old toddler who weighs 20kgs. If you are travelling 60kmph home from the hospital or 100kmph on the highway. You multiply those numbers. Their weight. That speed. Your newborn baby weighs 192kgs in THAT moment. Your little 4 year old, THAT little 4 year old, weighs 2,000kgs. You physically CANNOT hold onto them. You can’t. It isn’t even vaguely possible.


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