Nursery Rhymes for Africa

Nursery Rhymes that get an African makeover. Good old favorite nursery rhymes that your kids love, but are likely to drive you mad. African Treehouse and their new album Nursery Rhymes for Africa, have a solution.

African Treehouse have 12 reworked classic nursery rhymes into something that can be loved and enjoyed by kids and parents alike.

The album features top South African artists, along with the sweet voices of children from Pridwin Preparatory School, as well as African Treehouse’s Erika Strydom and Graeme Sacks.

The tracks found on this album are upbeat and are bound to get you grooving as you and your kids sing along to the good all-time favorites.

After blaring the CD on full volume in my car and tapping along to the beat, I received a great deal of smiles and acknowledgment in the traffic.

I can honestly say that this is a CD that will brighten your day and journey wherever you are headed. You may even secretly listen to it regardless of whether your kids are with you. This is a must have album.

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