What you really need in your nursery

When you get pregnant you are bombarded with products you must have. Every magazine you pick up tells you what you must have, walk into a baby store and there are isles of products, all claiming they will make your life easier.

From automated nappy bins to singing night lights to baby monitors, the list of what you must have in your nursery is endless, but do you really need all of them?

Nursery must havesWe have put together a list of practical products that every nursery needs. Everything is a nice to have, but you and your baby will be just perfect if you only have these items.

Crib with a mattress and bedding – when purchasing a cot, think long term and practically. Those big sleigh cots are beautiful but are they worth the expense and is your nursery big enough for. A camp cot can come in handy, they are easy to fold up and transport if you are going out or away for the weekend.

Changing table – you don’t need to buy an entire compactum. A chest of drawers with a changing mat to place on top will work well. You can add a diaper caddy and it will work perfectly and will last as your baby grows. You will be changing your baby a lot, so find something that is of a comfortable height and can hold your wet wipes, bum cream and nappies.

Baby monitor – you get a variety of monitors to suit a range of budgets. These provide parents with peace of mind as you will always be able to hear your baby, no matter where you are in your home. There are more advanced monitors that have screens on them so you can see your baby and some even allow you to be able to talk to your baby.

Night light – these can be useful for when you need to do night time feeds, you need some light but don’t want to put the main light on and over stimulate your baby. You get night lights that can attach to your baby’s cot or can be positioned on a table. Try to avoid one that will stimulate your baby too much.

Comfortable chair for breastfeeding and night time feeds – you can repurpose a chair you already have in your home, make sure that the chair you decide to use is comfortable because when you are feeding your little one at 2 in the morning, you need to be comfortable.

Nappy bin – there are some great nappy bins out there but you can use a normal little bin with a scented nappy bag inside. Try to find a bin that has a lid on that closes securely.

Black out (or heavy) curtains – these curtains aren’t a necessity but can help to get your baby to sleep in a little bit longer, especially if their room gets the early morning sun. They can also help with nap times during the day.

Putting your nursery together is an exciting time and it should be. Preparing your new addition’s space in your home is a pregnancy milestone that should be cherished and enjoyed, but it doesn’t have to break the bank.


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