Let’s celebrate our October winners 2016

Some of our open competitions closed on Monday and we are announcing our October winners right here, right now! Thank you so much to our awesome sponsors Lamelle, Predo Diapers and our very own Rainbow Magic!

Helase 50 October winners

Lamelle Research Laboratories creates the first of our October Winners with the newly launched Helase 50. Helase is a new photo repair skin cream. It protects your skin from the full spectrum of the sun’s harmful UV rays and repairs the DNA of skin cells that have already been damaged through over-exposure.

The only photo protection product on the market, very simply Helase controls the inflammation typical from exposure and sunburn, protecting the skin from damage. A powerful DNA-repairing enzyme that’s missing in humans, but occurs naturally in most animals and plants is responsible for the correction process. It also contains antioxidants, sunscreen filters and a ‘sunscreen’ SPF of 50+. It is the perfect way to head of the long term damage of your little one’s skin that most of us have had to contend with.

You can find Helase 50 at selected salons nationwide.

October winners helase sun-screen-feature

Congratulations to our Lamelle Helase 50 winner Tasneem Katsen!!

Predo Diapers October winners

There has been so much excitement over the opportunity to win a month’s supply of Predo Diapers! Understandably so! The Predo diapers are an amazing product. Predo Baby uses advanced technology to provide a softer, thinner and more comfortable diaper. Older generation diapers use a thick fluff inner core and a SAP layer, which turns liquid into gel. Predo uses a thinner fluff inner core and a higher concentration of SAP, absorbing moisture quickly and keeping baby comfortable for longer.

The back sheet of the diaper is textile, not plastic, allowing airflow. The fabric of the nappy is soft cottony and breathable and has a soft dry-touch liner absorbs wetness in seconds, leaving baby dry and happy for longer. Predo diapers have leak barriers, that absorb fast and stops the nappy from sagging. The diapers contain a hypoallergenic baby moisturising cream, protecting baby’s skin and adding a lovely SAFE scent. They have a soft elasticated waist band to allow easy of movement and comfort and they are fully bio- degradable!!

predo baby

Congratulations to Noeline Adam-Melling for winning 3 Jumbo packs of diapers! We hope you use the money you save to spoil yourself this Christmas!

Rainbow Magic Fairy Door October winners

Rainbow Magic is passionate about encouraging imaginative play and a belief in magic in little ones. You don’t get much more magical than inviting a fairy to come live in your home! The Irish Fairy Door is one of our very favourite finds this year!

Each Irish Fairy Door comes with a magic key in a bottle, three stepping stones, the Fairy – Family Lease agreement and a fairy notepad to write little notes to your fairy. The Fairy Welcome Guide outlines everything you need to know to settle your fairy into their new home!

Irish Fairy Door Christmas

Congratulations Moira Mc Allister! You have one your little one their very own Irish Fairy Door, AND a gorgeous Christmas Decoration Wall Art to set up right alongside your door!

And that’s it for our October winners! The brands will be in touch as soon as possible to arrange your prizes!

Our other giveaways are still going strong and will be joined by many more in the coming weeks! We want to make your Christmas a special one this year!




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