Pack healthy lunches for school

Ensure that busy office and school day challenges are met with the energy and enthusiasm aided and sustained by a nutritious lunch. It’s easy, in the limited time available in between work commitments and school activities, to be tempted to grab a wrapped snack or instant meal that is high in sugar, sodium and additives, and low in anything beneficial.

Healthy school lunches is the perfect opportunity to establish life-long positive eating habits in children. As much as 19 percent of South African boys, and 26 percent of South African girls are either overweight or obese. Weigh-Less acknowledges that healthy eating practices that develop in one’s younger years create life-long healthy habits and a decreased chance of suffering from obesity, and the dangerous heath consequences that may ensue.

By making a few easy adjustments to an average lunch, you can be assured that both you and your child are enjoying a meal that will help get you productively through the day and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

  • Swop out white bread for high-fibre seeded or rye loaves
  • Spread slices with low-fat cottage cheese instead of cream cheese
  • Flavour low-fat plain yoghurt with a bit of honey and chopped fruit instead of artificially flavoured yoghurt
  • Pack fresh home-made popcorn instead of chips
  • Slices of cucumber, carrot and whole cocktail tomatoes make for great snacks
  • Grab a low-fat health muffin instead of pastry or cake
  • Fresh fruit and biltong are great substitutes for unhealthy snacks

If you or your child has a penchant for sweet things, Weigh-Less has created the Break-Out range of treats with that in mind. Come into your nearest Weigh-Less Group and discover how you canincorporate the Weigh-Less Break-Outs as occasional, special treats in your child’s lunch-box, instead of allowing them to indulge in snacks from the tuck shop:

Each product below is equal to one Break-Out

  • Beacon Slim Slab (Original, Cranberry, Honey and Rooibos and Coconut) – 1 bar (20g)
  • Weigh-Less Barbeque Beef Snacks – 1 packet (20g)
  • Weigh-Less Butterscotch Sweets – 1 packet (20g)
  • Weigh-Less Chocolate Coated Rice Cakes – 2 rice cakes
  • Weigh-Less Cheddar Snacks – 1 packet (20g)
  • Weigh-Less Fat Free Nougat – 2 portions (30g)
  • Weigh-Less Instant Mousse (chocolate/ choc mint) – 110ml prepared
  • Weigh-Less Jelly Bears – 1 packet (20g)
  • Weigh-Less Spicy Tomato Snacks – 1 packet (20g)
  • Weigh-Less Yoghurt Coated Rice Cakes – 2 rice cakes
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