Perfect present picks from Pollywiggles!

Does anybody else love the name Pollywiggles as much as I do? I get the urge to do a little wiggle every time I see it! And it is only partly because of the name itself… Some of it is because we got a preview of their Christmas stock and they really do offer the perfect present picks… Stationery addicts, I warn you, look away or just type in your favourite person’s email addi and hit send.

Some of you may be familiar with the Pollywiggles name from our Nurchums review from last month. While the Nurchums suprise eggs remain the perfect gift for your little ones, our share today is all about the GoGoPo range! My 4-year old daughter’s squeal was nothing compared to my own! Before you even start reading, know you can buy the gorgeous Pollywiggles items from your closest CNA, Hamleys, Toy Kingdom, Plasticland or Mambos Plastics Warehouse.

Pollywiggles GoGoPo Pens
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Can a person really ever have enough pens? The answer is definitely no! For little ones learning to write, there is nothing more exciting than a super fun pen! From light up wand pens to fluffy scented lollipop-look pens to one that stirs up the brand-new-writer kid in me… the GoGoPo 10 Colour Pen!!

Pollywiggles GoGoPo Highlighters
COPYRIGHT MLM Pollywiggles highlighters in content 1

Is there anything cooler than highlighters? Yes!!! The GoGoPo highlighers!! Seriously look how gorgeous these are? Charlotte loves the “flower power” highlighter and was so proud to be able to highlight things (like a grownup)…

Pollywiggles GoGoPo Erasers

Brightly coloured, full of fun erasers are the name of the game! From tiny miniature icecream cones to a giant eraser for “big mistakes”! Collectors will adore them all and nothing makes making a mistake less stressful than being able to rub it out!

Pollywiggles GoGoPo Keyrings

Slime-filled case, goo-filled stress ball, Emoji screen cleaner or rainbow colour fluff balls… A kid’s first keyring should be fun and personal and easy to identify (less easy to lose). I strongly suggest you throw in a Gooballz keyring for all the adults you know too… There is no better, more mesmerising stress ball out there.

Pollywiggles GoGoPo Snap Bands Ruler

This brand has parental nostalgia in the bag! Between the colour-changing pens and these Snap Band rulers, I am lost! Do you remember snap bangles?? I had them in dozens of different colours and materials growing up. I adore that they have combined that concept with a ruler! No boredom to be found in a Pollywiggles, GoGoPo-filled pencil case!

Pollywiggles also has a great range of educational toys to light up your little one with learning! You can find more on their Facebook Page here.

So what do you think moms? Any of these hit your sentimental reveries? Which is your favourite?

If you haven’t found your perfect Christmas gift as yet, be sure to check out our Christmas 2018 Gift guides section here!

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